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When it comes to dating there are a lot of things that could go wrong. While your chances of ending up with a sociopathic partner are not as high as you might expect them to be, it could happen.

We all have different personality traits but those who are deemed sociopaths are quite unique for a number of seemingly ‘bad’ reasons. For those who might not know sociopaths are people with personality disorder known as ‘antisocial personality disorder.’ This in itself manifests in some interesting ways and those with it are usually quite callous, manipulative, and have very little if any empathy.

No, sociopaths are not always criminals and you’re probably not going to be murdered in your sleep by one like you might see in movies or shows, but they’re still quite hard to be with. They because of their traits tend to be quite abusive and neglectful without being able to realize that the things they are doing are ‘wrong.’ For instance, they won’t care about your wants or needs, just their own.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you might be dating a sociopath and while there are female sociopaths in this world this article is going to be focused around dating the male sociopath. You see, male sociopaths are much more open in their actions than female sociopaths usually and so the signs can be a bit different. If these signs match up with your boyfriend’s behavior then perhaps you should do what is best for you and find someone else to be with.

14 Signs You Might Have A Sociopathic Boyfriend:

1. He refuses to open up no matter how much you try to get him to.

Sociopaths have a hard time opening up. They are very defensive when it comes to their personal lives as a whole. You won’t be able to break down his walls, and he will become quite angry when you try within reason.

2. He doesn’t think ‘rules’ apply to him.

As a sociopath, he won’t think that he has to abide by the rules laid out for other people. He thinks he is an exception and doesn’t care if he will get in trouble over doing something he wants to do. He would much rather just have things his way.

3. He never really feels bad when he upsets you.

When he upsets you he doesn’t feel bad about it. He might apologize to get you to stop complaining but overall his empathy levels are quite tiny. He isn’t the kind of person you can lean on when you need a shoulder to cry on, that’s for sure.

4. He has huge mood swings to the point where you never know what you’re coming home to.

Sometimes you don’t know who you’re coming home to. He could be sweet and kind one minute and freaking out about something the next. As a partner, he tends to keep you walking on eggshells.

5. His ego is much bigger than it should be.

When you’re dating a sociopath one of the first things you will notice is just how big his ego is. He is very full of himself which can complicate things big time. He feels like he is better than everyone around him.

6. He wants to be in control of the things you do.

He doesn’t want to just be with you, he wants to be in control of you. He wants to know what you’re doing at all time and sometimes he will talk you out of doing anything at all. He will try to control what you wear, who you see, and so much more.

7. He always guilts you into doing things you don’t want to do.

Sociopaths are extremely manipulative and as your partner, he will guilt you into things you don’t want to do. The more you resist the more he pushes until you finally give in. This will become quite common if you keep him around.

8. He is extremely critical and very harsh.

He is the kind of person that says things he knows will upset you. He doesn’t care if you’re sad about how he sees you. He will come across as quite harsh and never appreciate the things you do for the most part. Sure, you will get a thank you here and there but it will usually be followed by something you could have done better.

9. What is right and wrong doesn’t really matter to him.

He does what he wants and isn’t usually too concerned with the things to come after. What is right and wrong is not something he concerns himself with. If he wants to do something he’s going to do it, period.

10. He lies a lot.

Most sociopaths tend to lie a lot. This might seem like a waste of time but to them, it gives them more power. You may find that he also is withholding a lot of information from you, more than you might ever have imagined.

11. He is extremely charming.

He is a very charming person that people love to be around. He always knows what to say and how to get people on his side. It’s like he has two versions of himself locked away, and he picks which one gets to come out and play each day.

12. He is always pretending to be the victim regardless of the situation.

When you come to him trying to discuss something serious he will play the victim. He will always make it out to be where you’re attacking him even when he is in the wrong. This is his way of getting out of the conversation without owning up to the things he has done.

13. He doesn’t really care what you think.

While most relationships are ‘teams’ being with him is very one-sided. He doesn’t bother to come to you for advice or to see what you think about something because at the end of the day he will do what he wants regardless. Your opinion does not matter to him one bit.

14. He wanted things to progress far too quickly.

In order to rope you in, he came into your life as your knight in shining armor. He swept you off your feet and made you feel amazing. However, as time has passed he has shown you his true colors. The more head over heels he could get you to fall in a short amount of time the easier it was to trap you in a relationship with him.