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Empaths are natural healers who are tuned into things of this world that others are not. They are able to absorb energies in this world without being able to turn that in itself off and well while being an empath is not easy it is powerful.

If you think you’re an empath chances are there are reasons for that. Empaths are very sensitive and if you know that you can feel certain energies, you know exactly what I mean when I say that. Below I am going to break down some signs that you may very well be an empath and if you are, from here you can really work to cultivate your gift and grow properly.

14 Signs You Are An Empath:

1. You are always helping those you see in need.

Even if it hurts you, you’re the kind of person who gives all you can. You help everyone you can and you really work hard to be there for the people in your life. That being said, this sometimes puts you in situations where others take advantage of you.

2. People you don’t even know seem to open up to you big time.

As you move through life it seems like other people really like opening up to you. A lot of people come to you and because of your warm energy they feel like they can tell you basically anything. This can be exhausting but it is very healing for those who do it and that’s why you try your best to really hear them out as best you can.

3. You are a great listener.

You are someone that others can come to when they need an ear to speak to. They know you will listen to them without judging them and that you are going to be there no matter what is going on. Sure, the things you say might not always be easy to hear back, but they know you have nothing but good intentions with your words.

4. Your friends and family always come to you for advice.

You give the best advice and it’s something a lot of people need. They come to you because they know you look at things from all sides. It’s like you can see things without judging and being biased and because of that, you are a true intuitive, honestly.

5. You are a serious truth seeker.

As an empath you are someone who is always seeking the truth. You do not handle lies and things of that nature well. The more you work at figuring out what is going on, the truth will come out and you know that all too well.

6. Large crowds really put you on edge.

While it might not always be something other people understand, you do not do well with large crowds. You instantly feel the energies all around you and they are quite conflicting. The longer you stay in this kind of situation, the more weight it puts on your shoulders.

7. Spending time to yourself is very important to you.

You need to spend time on your own in order to recharge and it’s something that you cannot just brush over. The more time you spend on your own the more relaxed you feel and recharged. This helps you to be able to move forth properly and not everyone understands it.

8. You sometimes struggle with figuring out what emotions are your own.

You do not always know what emotions you’re feeling or where they are coming from. Because you absorb so much in your day-to-day life, you can sometimes lose sight of who you are or where you’re headed. This meaning you really need to work on letting go of the energies that do not belong to you each day in order to keep them under control.

9. You love nature and feel at home when you’re in very green areas.

As an empath, you truly love nature. Being alone in nature really helps you to understand where you stand. It allows you to truly let go once in a while. While that in itself is not necessary for everyone, for you it is crucial.

10. Your intuition is always guiding you and it’s very strong.

Empaths are people who are highly intuitive. Your intuition guides you in ways the intuitions of others never does. You can really sense things that people around you are unable to pick up on.

11. The energies around you heavily affect you.

You are someone who is heavily influenced by the energies around you as an empath, which I am sure you by now are well aware of. This is because you have to ground yourself properly otherwise they will overwhelm you. Knowing where and when to draw the line on what you will allow yourself around is important moving forward.

12. Relationships can be hard for you because your partner does not know how to handle your empath-hood.

Your empath-hood is something that can get in the way of love for you. This is because your lover may not understand what you’re going though. It’s not easy for someone on the outside looking in to truly understand what you are facing. Communication is truly one of the most important things for empaths when it comes to their love lives.

13. Seeing violence and things of that nature really hurts you within.

You are someone who cannot handle violence and things of that sort even if just on TV or social media. Seeing them really hurts you because you can sense the energies associated with them. While you might not be triggered by everything, some things will seriously affect you.

14. You really adore animals and they seem drawn to you.

Animals seem to really love empaths. They are drawn to empaths big time because of how warm the energies they have are. You as an empath are someone who sees the innocence there and wants heavily to truly protect it.