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Chances are, you have heard the phrase ‘the universe works in mysterious ways.’ That is a very true statement and it is something that you should hold very close to your heart.

The universe is never as blunt as we want it to be. When it is working through us to guide us to something or someone it will only push us gently in the direction we should be going. It is up to us to really read into that push and take the leap that we need to take.

Spiritual guidance can be somewhat unpredictable at best and whether you are able to read into it really makes a huge difference in how you go about this path of yours in life. Below I am going to go over some of the more commonly overlooked signs that the universe might be trying to guide you in a particular direction. That being said, I can’t tell you what these things might actually mean for you in your life. The meaning is something you will have to figure out for yourself.

14 Signs The Universe Is Trying to Guide You Towards Something (or Someone):

1. Dream Messages

The universe will send us messages in our dreams time and time again. These can be easy to read or hard to understand. When it comes to dreaming we should always pay close attention to the small things.

2. Repeating Events

When we keep coming to something in lifetime and time again there is a reason for it. While those reasons might be different for all of us it is important to notice when things like this happen. When it comes to repeating events you should break them down as best you can and see where it takes you.

3. Gut Feelings

We should never be ignoring our gut feelings. Our intuition is far more in tune with the universe than you’d think. Because it comes from our subconscious it is seeing the things we cannot see.

4. Repeating Obstacles

Repeating obstacles are going to come about until you learn what it is you are supposed to learn from them. The universe will bring you to something time and time again, you have to really understand and grasp what the universe is pushing you to. Until you figure things out it won’t change.

5. Reoccurring Numbers/Sequences

This is a form of synchronicity and it means you are on the right path depending on the numbers. Most people note seeing the numbers 1111 time and time again and this is the universe letting them know they are doing good. Don’t obsess too much over this but do notice it. If you are unsure of the numbers meaning, look it up. Numerology is well worth getting into.

6. Repeating Song Lyrics

Song lyrics hold a lot of meaning for most of us. Perhaps you keep hearing the same verse of a song every time you catch it on, this might be the universe trying to tell you something. Repeating song lyrics should always be broken down and taken on a deeper level.

7. Triggered Memories

If something triggers a memory for you then you should really take it into consideration. Look at whether it is a good memory or a bad one and really feel whatever it is the universe wants you to feel. These memories are being brought forth for a reason, don’t ignore them.

8. Familiar Scents

The universe can sometimes even send specific scents your way. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen when it needs to. Don’t ignore the smells before you, you will know when they mean something.

9. Finding Objects/Losing Objects

Sometimes the universe will hide things from us to put us behind or help us find things we have been looking for or forgotten about. This happens for many reasons. Perhaps you need to think of someone who gave you that thing you found?

10. Weather Changes

Sometimes the weather changes unexpectedly and most of the time we don’t really give it much thought but there is always a reason behind it. Maybe you had plans to go to the waterpark only for it to start raining before you were going to leave. You might have in not going avoided a disaster of some kind.

11. Unexpected Meetings

Have you ever come across someone you were thinking about? Sometimes the universe will put people before you that you need to see. These could be new people or people from the past.

12. Unexpected Pain or Illness

Yes, even sickness and pain can hold deep meaning. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is random in this life.

13. Noticing Animals

Noticing different animals repeatedly holds deep meaning. Depending on the animal the meaning could be a wide range of things. Take the time to look into the animals you’re noticing and see what it might hold for you.

14. Meditative Messages

When we are meditating we sometimes are sent messages through the universe. Don’t ignore these messages. If you think the universe is telling you something, it probably is.