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Sometimes we need a little reassurance in life and that especially goes for when we are deciding if it’s time to move on or not. While burning bridges and looking towards the future is an overwhelming good, it can be quite painful and frustrating.

At some point, you have to come to terms with the fact that you may have outgrown the connections before you. Not everyone in your life is meant to stay in your life for the long haul. If you’re wondering whether you are ready to finally move on from someone or something in your life, looking for the signs below might help you truly decide.

14 Signs It Is Time To Finally Move On:

1. You are unhappy.

If you are unhappy in your current life situations you have got to work to change them. You are the only person who can make yourself happy. Happiness cannot be found in other people.

2. You’re always surrounded by negativity.

Negativity is something you see quite frequently in life but if you find yourself surrounded by it, you need to cut ties with those causing it. Your life is yours to make what you want of it and if you want to be positive you have to fight for it. Surround yourself with the kinds of people that build you up.

3. You cannot seem to get away from gossip and drama.

If the people around you are constantly surrounding you with gossip and drama, you need to cut them off. These people are only feeding off of you and making your life worse than it should ever have to be. These things have no place in the lives of truly positive people.

4. The people in your life do not care about your needs.

When you find yourself surrounded by people who are not willing to care about your needs they do not deserve your time. While it will be hard to let them go, they do not belong in your life. Your needs matter and you need to keep that in mind.

5. You feel stuck.

If you feel stuck in your life you probably need some serious changes. Life is too short to spend your time stuck in ruts and surrounded by people who don’t have your best interest in mind. Being stuck is one of the worst feelings we as humans have to go through.

6. You do not trust the people in your life.

Our lives need to be full of people who trust us that we can also trust. If you cannot trust the people around you, you are around the wrong people. Trust is not something we should ever be willing to go without.

7. You’re always doing more than you should for the people in your life.

The more that people use you the worse you’re going to feel. If you’re doing all you can for people who would never do the same for you why not burn those bridges and do something for yourself for once. You shouldn’t put yourself on the backburner for those who aren’t even going to lift a finger when you need them most.

8. You’re always made to feel bad about yourself.

If the people in your life are always making you feel bad about yourself, you need to surround yourself with different people. You are an amazing person and capable of so much. Don’t let anyone cut you down.

9. You are not able to be your truest self.

If you cannot be yourself around the people in your close circle you need a new circle. You should never change who you are or hide your truest self. You only live once and you should be living the life you want to live.

10. You’re literally being manipulated.

People in this world far too often use others for their own well-being. If you’re being used and manipulated you need to gain back power over yourself. While it could be a bit confusing for some to get out of depending on their situations it is crucial.

11. Everyone seems to want to change you.

People in this world tend to try to change others for their own gain. If you are falling victim to this you should seriously consider making some changes. We should never change for other people, we should only change for ourselves.

12. You feel like the people in your life are holding you back.

If the people around you are holding you back and keeping you from chasing your dreams you should stop letting them do-so. Go out and be yourself, enjoy your life and really chase all of your dreams. Your goals will never be accomplished if you never take the time to try.

13. You’re literally in pain (emotional or otherwise) because of the people around you.

If someone is causing you pain in any way they are not people you should waste your efforts on. Whether you care about them or not does not matter. Your own well-being, again, is something that YOU need to keep in mind.

14. No one appreciates you or the things you do.

While the people around you might say ‘thank you,’ whether or not they appreciate you is something you will feel. If you feel underappreciated you should consider making some changes and letting go of those who only uses you time after time. Sure, they might seem to need you but in the end, if they’re unable to do things for themselves tough love is necessary.