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Everyone has a secret. Whether they want to admit it or not, and whether it’s a small secret or a big secret, I’m pretty sure I can confidently say there’s something each of us hides away.

And while typically relationships are our haven, the one area of life in which we don’t keep secrets, that isn’t always the case. The other day, I was looking around on Reddit and stumbled across a user who asked, ‘What’s one thing your partner doesn’t know?’

And the reactions left me speechless. Here are 14 of the ones that still have me shook.

1. zyzzogeton writes

That I’m over 4 years sober. You think they would have noticed, but when I started going to AA at lunch at work after a hard year of trying and failing, sobriety finally stuck. I had been sober a month and she accused me of being drunk again and that I was obviously sneaking alcohol and clearly I was hungover and that I was a loser who would never get his shit together. I thought, “well I won’t say anything and work on myself until even she will notice.’ So I did, I stayed sober, I got fit, I ran a marathon, I got therapy, I got treatment for what turned out to be adult adhd that had gone undiagnosed for 51 years, I started anti-depressants and generally turned my life around.

She never noticed, and I’m regularly accused of being a lousy drunk by her. About every other week or so. I’d say it hurts, but I’m in such a better place now that I truly don’t give a shit what a toxic person like that thinks, which makes her even more negative. I’ve stayed married to her for 26 years, but I don’t think I’ll make it much farther.

2. shutterpants writes

She suffers from depression, and when she hits a slump she feels like laying in bed and doing nothing, even though 99.9% of the time just getting out of bed and doing something, ANYTHING will make a dramatic difference in her day. So usually when she hits a slump I’ll manufacture some fake emergency that only she can help me solve, like “hey babe I think one of the cats has a scratch on his face, but he won’t hold still for me to look.” Of course, the cat is fine, but I just tricked her into getting out of bed and doing something, and that’s always the hardest part.

3. gerryf19 writes

That I have a folder of photos on my computer called “Places I have found my wife’s shoes” that is legitimately filled with thousands of pictures of my wife’s shoes that are neither in the closet or shoe rack

I started it years ago as a joke, and it has gotten out of hand

4. N0-Metal2605 writes

My wife doesn’t know her kindle is connected to my Amazon account, and I can see the many alien sex novels she’s read.

5. dontworryimstupid writes

When we were dating, she tickled my feet and I acted as if I wasn’t ticklish. 13 years later she will tickle them and be amazed I am not ticklish, everytime it tickles.

I have to hide this forever.

6. JBroski91 writes

My wife is the biggest softie for animals, and we have birds that nest right in a column on our porch. One day a baby bird fell out, and she saw. Well, it ended up dying, but I buried it and told her that I saw the momma bird come down and get it. It made her day so much better that I haven’t had the heart to tell her it died, and probably never will.

I also distract her whenever I see roadkill coming up, or tell her it was just a plastic bag or something.

7. xbone42 writes

When we watch movies together, we always snack. One of our favorites to munch on during the movie are the Sour Punch Bites. She takes all the blue ones because I don’t like them, and they are her favorite – always says how lucky she is that worked out like that.

The blue ones are also my favorite, but she can have them.

8. CrispiandCrynchy writes

If he’s out of town, I go completely feral for the first one or two days. Candy for breakfast, falling asleep in the couch, beer with dinner on a weekday, clothes on the floor, recycling bag overflowing…

Then I shape up. When he comes back everything’s back to normal. But man does it feel good to be a sloppy pig sometimes.

9. Mai128 writes

He does not know that he was my teenage crush since I was 12 and I wrote so many beautiful poems on him. We have been married for 6 years and have a child together. I don’t know if I will ever have the courage to tell him that I have always loved him.

10. ronicade writes

How to clean the oatmeal dish. Always leaves visible chunks and THEN hangs it up like it’s clean!! She has a PhD in chemistry..

11. throwawaythewayside writes

I pretend to be asleep when he wakes up because I love how sweetly he wakes me up 🙂

12. TheVampireSantiago writes

I rub her back when she’s asleep because she makes happy noises and I like to think it makes her have better dreams… I do also do this to the dog though.

13. RedditMcReddiface writes

That there’s no monsters in the closet. We’re both 28 and my wife still doesn’t like the closet to be open (even slightly) because she’s afraid there’s something in there.

14. deckpumps_n_deldos writes

I put “no salt” salt into his salt shaker he keeps on his table near his video games. He is notorious for over-salting his food and has high blood pressure. I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now. He can’t tell the difference.