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The first full moon of summer is coming this week to shake things up, and there are some things that you can be doing right now to help you stay grounded and to make the most of the full moon.

Article by Moon Sisters Tribe

1 ~ Do a release ceremony. Something as simple as writing down anyone and everything that is no longer in alignment with you and your highest good. All the things you want to release from your life. Go outside and burn it away under the Full Moon.

2 ~ Howl at the Full Moon. Doing this breaks up any stagnant energy you have built up. Don’t forget to shake it off afterwards.

3 ~ Put your crystals/stones outside under the Full Moon and cleanse them from any built up unwanted energy. It’s also a good time to charge your stones. If you can’t get them in direct moonlight, setting them in a windowsill works too.

4 ~ Take a soul cleansing bath! Grab candles, incense, oils, flowers, water safe crystals, music, anything that makes your soul feel refreshed and cleansed and have an amazing powerful soul cleansing bath.

5 ~ Take a soul releasing shower! Feel the warmth of the water rush down your body. As it does imagine all the things you wish to release. Any built up toxic energy within your body and within your life. Envision it all flowing down the drain, releasing from you into a pool of light.

6 ~ Cleanse the clutter in your home! House clutter = Soul clutter and no one wants Soul clutter! Make your home a sacred space again, your soul deserves it. Don’t forget to smudge to give it that extra cleansing.

7 ~ Meditate. Light a candle and before you begin it’s important to put your protections up. I like to envision a golden cloak of protection where only pure intentions of love and light can come through. Envision yourself placing the hood over your head. I like to actually do the motion as I envision it. Ask Spirit to be with you and to send any messages that you’re meant to receive and be open to receiving them.

8 ~ Take time for some self care and just relax and rest up. Your body can become exhausted during this time and that’s normal. Rest and you will feel refreshed.

9 ~ Turn on some music and just dance. Dancing helps shake loose any stagnant energy that may be stuck onto you. Be wild, be free and dance in the moonlight as you feel her energy.

10 ~ Full Moon water. Set your water out under the Full Moon energy. If you can’t set it outside then the windowsill will work. Use glass if you have it. You can set a crystal grid around it or you can put crystals inside for extra infusion. Make sure you research what crystals are toxic and also if they can be in water. You can add different herbs as each has a magical property. Sit with your water and infuse it with the intention you desire. Leave out under the moonlight and retrieve in the morning.

11 ~ Although you aren’t suppose to start new things during a Full Moon, you most certainly can still manifest them! Do a manifestation intention setting ritual and write down all the things you wish to manifest as you release and create new space. Visualize this coming to fruition.

12 ~ Moon Bathe. Go outside and sit, stand or lay in the Moon and soak up all the beautiful, enchanting energy she has to offer.

13 ~ Does your hair need some extra love? Wonderful! More self care. The Full Moon is a good time to trim those locks and release the dead energy and weight dragging you down.

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Written by, Kimberly Hasty