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Emotional damage can be just as damning as physical damage sometimes. Heartbreak is something that whether we want it to or not affects us as a person.

When we have been through far too much it shows on the outside. While we may not notice it, some people do. Learning the lessons that come with being broken over and over again is not easy and it is not fun. We begin doing things to protect ourselves without realizing it. If you are a woman who has been through far too much then after reading this you will know these things to be true.

13 Things Women Who Have Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing It:

1. They stop taking love seriously

Love is no longer something they wish to look for. They hope it will come but when someone tries to love them they hesitate. They are more closed off than they were before.

2. They doubt others more

They doubt you and your intentions. They do not want to go through that again and will not just jump into anything. Just because you show interest doesn’t mean you have good intentions.

3. They put up walls

They build barriers as a means of protecting themselves. They have seen the things this world does to people and want no part. They do all they can to keep others out.

4. They accept sadness as a part of life

They don’t allow happiness to call their minds home. They are better at dealing with the sad it seems. They have been through too much to ever forget that feeling.

5. They stop sharing

They stop being so open and make themselves more reserved. They are no longer willing to give so easily. Pain changes people.

6. They trust less

They do not trust anymore. If you want their trust you must earn it to an extreme extent. If you are expecting them to give you the benefit of the doubt you might as well go ahead and pack up.

7. They are strong

They have grown and are stronger for what they have been through. This has built them more as a person than you might think. While they seem a bit over the top they are very put together.

8. They think of romance as ‘fake’

Romance is not something they believe in anymore. Relationships are meant to be so much more and they know this. They will not fall into the sweet trap most men put out ever again.

9. They focus on themselves

They take care of themselves first now and do not let others get in their way. They know what they want and will not let you keep them from getting it. They take care of themselves above all else.

10. They get rid of toxic people

They do not let toxic people stay in their lives anymore. They know that if you are not going to support them you do not belong in their lives. They only allow those who will be there when times are tough to stick around.

11. They stand on their own

They are able to get by without the help of others. They are independent and do not need anyone but themselves. Sure, the company is nice but they can live without it.

12. They refuse to make excuses

They will not make excuses for the behavior of others. If you make a mistake they will call you out on it. Nothing gets by them anymore.

13. They stop taking risks

They are not willing to love so easily anymore. Taking risks of the heart is no longer an option. They are more closed off but with good reason.