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Sure, you may think of the introvert as a shy person from work or even in class but they are so much more than that. Introverts may look normal but something about them seems to draw people in whether they realize it or not.

They are of course, a bit more withdrawn than most but it works for them in all the way you might not imagine. If you have been wondering what it was that made people are drawn to you or why you were drawn to an introvert the following things might give you a good idea as to why. Take a look and let us know what you think. Sure, they may not be a supermodel, but they have tons of qualities that make them so much more attractive than the average Joe.

13 Things That Make the Introvert So Strangely Attractive:

1. They are not clingy.

You do not ever have to worry about an introvert not wanting his or her free time. They need their alone time and will not simply give it up for anyone. You will not have to worry about them being stuck up your rear end.

2. They are always honest.

They tend to be very honest people. You will not find them trying to sugar coat things. If it is something they have to say, you are going to hear it.

3. They are the best listeners.

They are the best people to go to for opinions on things. They tell you how it is and listen to all that you have to say. I for one would always choose an introvert for advice.

4. They think before they speak.

They plan their words carefully. You will not often see an introvert say something that was not well thought out. No matter what kind of conversation you are having they will make it interesting.

5. They are usually very creative.

They are often very creative individuals, and tend to be more artistically inclined and able to do lots of imaginative things. I guess since they have more free time their skills develop in different ways than others. Do you know an amazing artist who happens to be an introvert?

6. They pay attention to detail.

They are always noticing the small things. If something has changed they pick up on it right away. You cannot get much past the introvert.

7. They tend to be pretty damn smart.

They are much smarter than most whether they realize it or not. These people are well rounded on the inside. Whether they are book smart or not they are smart in the ways that most people overlook.

8. They tend to avoid drama.

They are not often the center of any kind of dramatic event. If someone is hating on them they ignore it and let things die down. You will not see them feeding into drama often if at all.

9. Most of the things they actually talk about are pretty deep.

They are so much more intense than most people. They like to think about things that matter and talk about things with meaning. Conversations with an introvert are always on the deeper side.

10. They are a bit mysterious.

They do not often socialize with people they are not close to. Getting into their inner circle can be quite the task. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the introvert.

11. They do not crave attention.

These people are not ever going to be itching to get in the spotlight. They are kind and gentle but attention is not something they need. You cannot win them over by giving them attention either.

12. They are very modest in general when it comes to talking about themselves.

They are not the kind of people to brag about their accomplishments or anything of the sort. They are usually quite modest and do not make their good deeds known. They prefer to do things for people without it being a big deal.

13. They appreciate all the things most people take for granted.

They are much more appreciative than most. They are grateful for all that they have and for where they are in life. Their friends are very important to them and they are not the kind of people to take things for granted.