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Twin flame connections are easily the most intense and powerful connections we have throughout the time we spend in this world. They can be terrifying and mind-blowing in all possible ways and to most come off as quite overwhelming.

For anyone who may not quite be aware twin flame connections are connections, we have as we reincarnate time and time again. Everyone has a twin and that twin brings forth the ultimate relationship. Because your twin is your soul manifested more than once during the same life, it can be very complicated. Twin flame relationships often come with a runner/chaser dynamic and cause lots of changes in our lives.

Below I am going to go over some of the changes that most people do not realize happen when they’ve finally gotten side by side with their twin. These changes are some of the most prominent and while not all will feel positive, all are beneficial. Being with your twin is something that can help you grow into the person you were meant to be and there is nothing better than that.

13 Things That Happen When You’re Experiencing A Twin Flame Connection That Most People Don’t Talk About:

1. You become more willing to explore.

When you are with your twin flame you will be much more willing to really step outside of your comfort zone. You will be wanting to travel and see the world. The more you find the more you will end up seeking.

2. You become more willing to chase your dreams.

After you and your twin flame link up you will find that the situations you’re in that are no longer serving you positively are unimportant. You will begin to strive to meet your goals and really begin working towards chasing your dreams. This could come in many forms and almost always goes hand in hand with an occupational change.

3. You become a much happier person.

When we are experiencing this kind of connection we become happier. You will be able to experience emotions you never thought possible. Everything that once caused you pain will melt away.

4. You limit the time you spend with toxic people (even family members).

You will be quite surprised at how quickly toxic people begin showing their true colors once your twin appears in your life. He or she will really help you to see the masks others wear. You will begin cutting ties with those who do not deserve to be in your life.

5. You allow your ego to truly dissolve.

Your ego will no longer be able to control you once you’re where you need to be in this connection. You will become a stronger soul and more in tune with your own resonance. Your aura will grow in ways that most other people will never experience.

6. You focus more on your own well-being.

Your twin flame will show you just how important you are and with that, you will begin valuing yourself in the ways he or she does. You will be more capable of seeing who you truly are and that in itself is amazing. This kind of change is going to work wonders in your life.

7. You lose friends in the long run.

Losing friends is a part of growing up. As we become more of who we should be we cut ties with those who are holding us back. This is just how things go and there is nothing we can do about it.

8. You start to really cultivate your spiritual gifts.

The closer you are with your twin the more prominent your spiritual gifts become. You are becoming more and more aligned with the bigger sources within our universe.

9. You really find yourself in more ways than you ever thought you could.

Finding yourself is a marvelous thing and as you move forth with your twin you will realize just how lost you were before having met him or her. While you might not have noticed before, the bits and pieces of yourself that you were missing will begin presenting themselves before you. The more attention you pay to your own life the more sense this one will make.

10. You begin to cut drama out of your life.

When you finally have someone in your life that understands you on the level your twin will, drama doesn’t seem as entertaining anymore. You start to realize how important it is to just live your own life. The things other people do just don’t matter to you like they had in the past.

11. You see the world more clearly.

Your twin will help you to become much more comfortable with the world around you. You will begin to see things in ways you never have before. Everything will seem new and fun, nothing will ever be the same again.

12. Your vibrational frequency increases dramatically.

This one is something you will notice quite quickly if you’re aware of what to really keep an eye out for. You are going to seem as if you are glowing because your frequency has reached a level that it has never reached before. This is something that can be quite uncomfortable but is very positive all the while.

13. Your definition of love becomes far deeper than you ever thought it could have been.

When you and your twin finally connect you realize that what you thought love was before was not love. The way you define love becomes completely different and is so much deeper than it had ever been before. You literally feel as though no one else has ever mattered as much as he or she does.