Witchcraft is all around us, and while some may choose to ignore it’s existence, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you have been feeling out of place it could be because you are not tapping into the power within on the level that you should be.

For those who do not know, white witches are good witches who do what they can to make this world a better place. These witches are drawn to others and always do their best to ensure that everyone has what they need.

White witches can be anyone and they really work to cultivate a kind and accepting world. If you are feeling as if you should be doing more you may be a white witch as well. Check out the list below to go over the signs and decide for yourself if the term white witch describes you.

13 Signs You Are A White Witch With Intense Power:

1. You can sense something within.

You feel a power within that others do not have. You know you are different and that there is something more inside of you. You just do not know how to bring it to the surface just yet.

2. Your dreams seem to have deep meaning.

Your dreams are much more intense and vivid than other people’s. You seem to receive messages when you are asleep and when you listen to those messages things become clear. There is something speaking to you.

3. Your soul is quite sensitive.

You are far more sensitive to the negative things in this world than you want to be. Bad things really bring you down. This is because you are not yet protecting your energy properly.

4. You love being in nature.

Being in nature can and will solve all of your problems. It makes you feel so much better and brings peace to your mind. You do not like to be indoors more-so than you have to.

5. You like using natural alternatives/remedies.

You prefer to do things the natural way. Mixing up herbs and making concoctions is something you enjoy. You are not one to jump right into conventional medicine unless it is necessary.

6. You want to help this planet.

You are all about making this planet a better place. You want to be somewhere full of life and love. More than likely, negativity and drama are something that you work to avoid.

7. You are drawn to animals.

You love animals and are often around them more than people. That being said, one kind, in particular, draws to you more than the rest. This is one of the biggest signs.

8. You believe in the greater good.

You believe there are good people in this world who do good things. You believe that doing something small now to benefit in the bigger picture is worth it. You are far more grounded than most.

9. You believe in things you cannot see.

You believe in magic and things that other people do not. You know that just because we cannot see something does not mean it is not there. Magic is all around us.

10. You feel different.

You feel like you stick out as if a sore thumb. For whatever reason, you have always been out of place. This can be quite upsetting when you are not aware of your true potential.

11. You feel the past and future are both deeply important.

You are able to recognize the importance of everything. This includes the past and the future as well as the present. Nothing is unimportant.

12. You notice things most people do not.

Your intuition is much stronger than the intuitions of others. You understand things people struggle with and are able to get to the root of different issues easily. It is as if you are always aware of everything.

13. You are drawn to crystals and herbs.

While others may regard such things with hesitation, you have been drawn to them throughout your life. Chances are, if you give them a try (if you haven’t yet) you will be a natural.

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