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When it comes to dating, it can be hard to figure out how close you are to settling down properly. Someone you think is going to offer you the world can turn out to be far more toxic than most realize, and that is something we all need to be aware of. 

In life and in love, we go through a lot of trials and struggles. Finding ‘the one’ for you isn’t going to be easy, but once you’ve found him/her you will be able to see the signs clearly. Someone who is meant to be with you and remain by your side will treat you much better than anyone else. He/she will hold your hand through all the ups and downs this world throws at you and really keep you feeling special.

Below, I am going to go over some signs that you might have finally found someone who was meant to be with you. While these signs should be clear from the very beginning, some of them do take a little while to set in. How many are present for you in your current relationship?

13 ‘Early’ Signs That You’re Finally With The One:

1. There was an almost instant connection.

When you met one another, you felt something right then and there. While the idea of love, at first sight, is a bit cliché, it does happen. There was no denying the connection.

2. You can turn to one another for support.

You are able to go to this person for real support. He/she is there for you on a deeper level than anyone else. You know above all else that this person has your back.

3. You both share similar values.

When you’re with the right person, your values will align. You both have the same things in mind and are headed in the same direction. Everything feels like it’s falling into place.

4. He/she is actually kind towards you.

When you’re with who you’re meant to be with, kindness will come. You can be yourself and share your vulnerable side freely. This person does not judge you.

5. You both see a future together.

The future you both have in mind is one that you’re sharing. You can see the years pass before your eyes and everything seems so perfect. When you both talk about moving forward, you’re actually planning your lives together.

6. This relationship feels ‘different.’

This relationship feels different from any other relationship you’ve had. When you’ve found the one, you will be able to tell that there is something more present. Things will never be the same as they were with other people in your life.

7. You don’t have to hide them from your friends/family.

Your friends and family embrace this person because they see who you become with them. They are able to love this person the same way you do because they can feel the positivity stemming from your relationship. While it might not always be as easy for every family, most will be quite inviting.

8. You can be yourself with one another.

You and this person is able to be yourselves unapologetically. There is no hiding your true feelings or locking yourself away. You are both on the same page in all aspects. There is no wondering what he/she will think.

9. Communicating comes easily for the two of you.

When you’re with the person you’re meant to be with, you will be able to communicate freely quickly. There is no awkward silence or painful heart-to-heart. You are both open and honest with one another right from the start.

10. You both know how to say sorry.

When someone makes a mistake, that someone owns up to it. You both are willing to apologize to one another when it’s needed and accept things as they are. We all make mistakes sometimes.

11. You are happy together and care about one another.

A truly loving relationship brings forth happiness in a lot of ways, and together the two of you are very content. You care about each other and there is no hiding the love you share. You can really feel the way this person feels towards you, which is rarer than most realize.

12. You are able to truly trust one another.

Trust is not something a real relationship can go without. You and your partner being able to trust each other should be a clear sign that there is something going right between the two of you. Trust and respect are not negotiable.

13. You both take responsibility for your actions.

When one of you messes up, the other listens and hears things out. You both are responsible for your own actions and don’t go around blaming things on each other. Everything is dished out properly and dealt with accordingly.

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