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While some souls are older than others we have all been to this planet more than once. Even new souls have manifested here on Earth a time or two already. 

A lot of people seem to struggle with grasping the concept of old souls and mature souls but it’s really not that complicated. Mature and old souls have been here more than others and as a result, are much more seasoned. They are wiser and usually even when young in physical form are very wise when it comes to their soul age. 

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that may indicate your soul itself has been here more times than you might want to accept. If these signs are present in your life, you’re definitely at least a mature soul. That in itself means you have progressed far in this world.

13 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated On This Earth Many Times:

1. You always seek the truth.

As an older soul, you are always willing to look for the truth. You know that there are lots of sides to different stories and put emphasis on that. Nothing goes overlooked with you.

2. You have a strong urge to be somewhere you cannot find.

You are unable to truly find somewhere that makes you feel at home. This is because you have connected many times over with ‘the source.’ You are tuned into something other people are not.

3. People often say you’re wiser than you should be for your age.

You are very wise for your age. You seem to be much more mature and aged than you might be willing to admit. Other people pick up on this often.

4. You’re a great listener.

You really know how to listen. People know that you are going to hear them out properly, and so they come to you often. While this may suck sometimes it is a good sign.

5. You can see the bigger picture of things much easier than others.

You can see things others cannot. Instead of focusing on the current moment, you see the future at hand. You are able to really put yourself in the shoes of others.

6. You know how to handle your own emotions and the emotions of others.

You are able to determine why you feel the things you feel and help others overcome their own emotions. While this might sound like a frustrating task it is something you’re very good at. You are able to really tune in to what the people around you are feeling.

7. You don’t judge others based on their appearances.

You know better than anyone else that a book should not be judged by its cover. We are all unique in our own ways and no one is perfect. Sometimes the oddest looking people are the best to be around.

8. You’re much more tuned in to your spiritual side than others.

Your spiritual side is powerful. You are very connected with your higher self and your intuition kicks rear end. The more you process things the stronger you’re becoming.

9. You know the importance of alone time.

You don’t mind spending time alone. You know how important it can be to clear your mind and sit with yourself. You are able to be comfortable on your own and a lot of people struggle with this.

10. You resonate deeply with specific time periods of the past.

There are some periods in the past you are more connected with than others. This is because you have lived during those times. Your life has been before and will be again.

11. You don’t need to be surrounded by others to be happy.

You have realized that happiness does not come from other people. It can only be found within. You are able to find the things you need in life, on your own.

12. You know the difference between a want and a need.

You’re not the kind of person to try and play your wants off as needs. You know what you want in life and what you need in life. The two never get mixed up in your eyes.

13. Everyone seems to come to you for advice.

A lot of people come to you for advice. You are good at figuring things out because you’re so seasoned. You know more than most.