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We all have an ideal concept within our minds of what our soulmate will be like and usually, this concept only covers the various aspects of love and romance. However, we also have a tantric soulmate, and the two are not always the same.

Our soulmates, twin flames, or soul mirrors are the people we are supposed to spend our lives with, our tantric soulmates could last only as long as our encounters.

And while sometimes these twists can last for years, they sometimes only last for hours. Sadly, the latter is often the case. But, if you have met someone, and they are still in your life, and the traits and situations below match your bond, it’s likely you are with them now. And what you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you.

It Feels Natural.

Unlike a relationship where things may be awkward, leaving you feeling pressured to make the right move at the right time, a tantric soulmate knows exactly when to make the move. And not only that, but they know exactly how to put you in the right mood.

You have the same kinks.

While you may have butted heads with lovers in the past who couldn’t quite understand the things that turn you on, your tantric soulmate will understand entirely.

They can sense when you are turned on, just by looking at you.

Instead of having to ask, they just know.

You don’t stress about whether or not it will happen.

In a relationship, you may begin to worry when your partner just doesn’t want it, but with this person, you won’t, because you will know it isn’t because they don’t find you attractive.

You don’t feel pressured to make the relationship anything more than what it is.

The physical side is great, and neither of you are really looking for more. If it happens, it happens, but if it doesn’t, at least you have the physical to look back on.

You have relations in all circumstances- when you are stressed, when you are on your period, when you are messy, it doesn’t matter!

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There is no need to fantasize about others – because your relationship is purely about the physical!

While real couples may get bored and think about other people during their encounters, this person is in your life purely because you are attracted to them physically. You could have someone else, but you chose this person.

You can let your freak flag fly.

You don’t have to be inhibited about your physical kinks – every fantasy is on the table for exploration, and there are no judgments.

It isn’t always about the physical.

Unlike friends with benefits relationship, you have an emotional bond with your physical soulmate.

They are selfless during the physical.

While some will rush to the finish, leaving you feeling deprived – this person will remember to consider your needs and will make sure you get exactly what you came for.

You can telepathically communicate your needs to one another.

Even when you are in public, you can just tell when they look at you with physical desire. And instantly, you know, it’s time to either sneak off or go home. (Because you can’t wait to jump their bones!)

The kisses you give each other are an amazing….no matter where they land.

Whether they are kissing your thighs, your feet, or your lips directly – each kiss is beautiful and meaningful on a deep level.

No matter what your relationship is when it comes down to it – you are the only one on the other person’s mind.

Perhaps you are just engaging physically for now (and that’s totally okay), or maybe you are taking things slowly to see where it goes.

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