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When it comes to romance and dating as a whole we tend to fall for more people than we should. Whether we think we love someone, or we’re actually in love is a bit of a tricky thing to cover.

If you think you’re in love but you’re not quite sure, you came to the right place. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that indicate you’re actually in love rather than just overly interested in someone who isn’t worth your time. Being in love takes two people and so if you and the person you’re with are present in all of these signs, you’re really where you need to be romantically.

13 Signs You’re Truly In love:

1. You take one another into consideration when it comes to big decisions.

When something big has to be discussed, you and your partner sit down and talk it through together. You don’t just dive into something you might want to do, you take your lover into consideration first. Everything the two of you does affects the other and so, this is very important.

2. You make the most of the time you have with each other.

When you two are free and able to spend time together you have fun with each other. You make the most of the time you have because you know that tomorrow is never promised. Each day we share is a day worth really remembering.

3. You’re both free to speak openly with one another.

You and your partner are free to talk to each other about anything that comes up. You don’t have to walk on eggshells around each other and are able to even speak about things together that you don’t speak with anyone else about. You are as close as close can get.

4. You can trust one another without question.

You trust one another above all else. You don’t have to wonder what your partner is doing or where they are. You are both on the same page and know that if something bad were to happen, you’d be made aware.

5. You treat each other with kindness.

When it comes to love you have to be willing to be kind even in the hard moments. Treating one another with kindness allows you to grow in the worst moments. You treat one another how you would want to be treated.

6. You both have your own lives.

While you have a life together you also do your own things when you feel like it. You don’t spend all of your time together because you know that we all need our alone time. You are free to go out and have fun and know that you can trust each other to remain faithful. Jealousy does not ruin your time apart.

7. You talk about the future and make plans together.

When you two talk about the future you talk about where you will both be together not separately. You both make plans for the years to come and are able to discuss things in a way that makes them very real. There is no disconnect in this and everyone is on the same page.

8. You’re able to be close with the people who are most important to both of you.

You and your partner don’t close the people you care about off from your lives just because you’re together. You have your friends and families who you are both close to as things progress. You become important parts of one another’s lives and build friendships along the way.

9. You do sometimes argue but you always work through those arguments.

When you argue, you always take the time to sit down and work through the problems at hand. Neither one of you refuses to communicate and everyone is on the same page. You work through the problems you’re facing because you care about each other and you care about the future. You want to make sure that no one is feeling upset and that no one goes to bed feeling unloved.

10. You are able to really understand one another on a level other people cannot.

You can both come to one another about anything. You get each other on a level that no one else can. There is a connection between the two of you that is VERY real.

11. You know that we all make mistakes and are willing to forgive one another within reason.

When it comes to love we all have to be willing to forgive and forget from time to time. While this is within reason and some things are not forgivable in general we all make mistakes. Sometimes forgiving is the only way to move forward and it is crucial when it comes to keeping things going long-term.

12. You are able to show each other your vulnerable sides.

You are very raw and emotional with one another. When something is bothering you your partner is your shoulder to cry on. You go to one another when you cannot go to anyone else.

13. You feel safe and secure with each other.

When you’re together with your lover you feel completely safe and secure. This is how it should always be when you’re in love. You shouldn’t feel on edge and nervous, you should know that you’re accepted and cared for.

Now that we’ve determined whether you’re in love, take a peek at the video below to learn more about how to make the most of that love and build a future with the person you care for. This might seem like something you already know all about but to be honest, building a life with someone is a lot more complicated than it looks to be.