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You might have your own thoughts as to what a beautiful woman is but what makes a woman unforgettable? Unforgettable women are more than just looks, as they hold themselves in a way that really burns their presence into your mind.

There are tons of unforgettable women in this world, and they all have some very amazing things in common. These women are powerful and really stand out. While they might not be exactly what you’d want them to be, they are able to hold their own in ways most others could never imagine.

13 Things That Make ‘Unforgettable Women’ Stand Out From The Rest:

1. She is kind to all who deserve it.

Unforgettable women are kind to people who deserve it. They are nice to those who show kindness to them and are not over the top about anything. They know when to stand up for themselves, but they don’t do it unless they have to.

2. She doesn’t give up.

Unforgettable women will not give up. They go to great lengths to get things done. Even in the most frustrating situations, they hold their own.

3. She doesn’t care what others think.

Unforgettable women do not care what other people think about them. They don’t care what people say about them or the opinions people cast on them. They know that the thoughts of others do not define them.

4. She isn’t afraid to be herself.

Unforgettable women are not afraid to be themselves. They know who they are and who they are not. They never pretend to be people that they are not.

5. She is supportive of others.

Unforgettable women are supportive of the people around them. They are constantly building people up rather than breaking them down. They hate hurting people and always do their best to make sure that everyone is on the page that they need to be on.

6. She admits when she is wrong.

Unforgettable women are always willing to admit when they are wrong. When she makes a mistake she owns up to it and apologizes. She doesn’t leave anything broken, if she can fix it she will.

7. She is independent in nature.

Unforgettable women are independent and don’t need other people to be positive. They can get things done on their own and do them with a good attitude. She rarely ever needs help.

8. She is honest.

Unforgettable women are much more honest than most other people. They don’t sugar coat things and always say what needs to be said. If everyone is lying to you about something she will be the one to break the ice and let you know what the rest of those around you refuse to.

9. She knows what she deserves.

Unforgettable women do not settle. They know what they deserve and what they should not deal with. They do not let anyone walk all over them.

10. She does not let anyone see her fall.

Unforgettable women don’t let anyone see them fall. While they might not be the most graceful they hide their vulnerable sides for those who are only going to truly understand. They are not quick to open up.

11. She isn’t selfish.

Unforgettable women are not selfish people at all. While they don’t let their own well-being fall through the cracks they are seemingly selfless. They take care of the people who matter in their lives.

12. She gives good insight.

Unforgettable women give some of the best advice/insight. They see things in ways that most people are not able. While it might be a bit hard to handle, they make sure to let you know what you really need to know.

13. She speaks for herself.

Unforgettable women do not let other people speak for them. They speak for themselves and really hold their own. Some people might try to walk all over them, because they cannot see how powerful she truly is.