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Good women deserve more recognition than they get and if you have one in your life, you need to be thankful. Not only do they do all they can for you, but they also help you to grow in all ways possible.

Good women are the women who will be there even when things are going wrong. If she is there for you in the ways you need her to be and you still take her for granted, you’re an idiot. Remind her that she’s important while she’s in your life so that in the future, things don’t get messed up.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that the woman in your life is a good one. If these signs are present in your life with this woman, she is someone you need to make sure feels cared for in the ways she leaves you feeling cared for. She might not ask for your gratitude but you should above all else offer it to her.

13 Signs You’ve Got A Good Woman In Your Life:

1. She is a team player.

Instead of being selfish and only thinking of the things she wants, she cooperates to get things done. She knows that the people around her matter just as much as she does and she cares about them. You know the two of you are on the same team.

2. She respects your opinions.

While she may not always agree with you on things, she respects your opinion and will always hear you out. You two can sit and have a proper conversation without talking over one another. The things that need to be said do not go without having been said.

3. You feel lucky to have her in your life.

She is the kind of person you feel glad to have around. She makes you smile and livens things up in the best ways. You really like being around her.

4. She is always helping you be a better person.

Good women are always the ones who help us be better versions of ourselves. They see our potential even when we don’t. She is always building you up and never tearing you down.

5. She cares about the people you care about.

The people who are important to you are important to her as well. Even if she doesn’t get along with everyone well, she tries her best to please them within reason to keep things on good terms. She knows that important people matter and you are both on the same page when it comes to this as long as respect is not lost.

6. She ‘tells it like it is.’

She is not the kind of person who will sugarcoat things. If you need to hear something she is going to be the one to tell you. You know her words are always honest.

7. She doesn’t play games and has proper boundaries.

When it comes to what she wants in life she is set in her ways. She has proper boundaries and isn’t here to play around. She has things paved out and that’s how it should be.

8. She doesn’t try to make you into someone you’re not.

Unlike most people, she takes you as you are and helps you grow. She doesn’t want to turn you into someone you’re not. She just wants to see you be the best you that you can be.

9. She is independent.

She is able to hold her own and doesn’t need you to get by. She can do things without you but because you two actually care about one another doing things together is what you both choose. This in itself is a beautiful thing.

10. Her expectations are realistic.

She doesn’t try to make you do things you cannot do. She has realistic expectations and overall doesn’t push you past your limits. She knows at the end of the day no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes.

11. She celebrates your accomplishments with you.

When you accomplish something she is proud of you. She celebrates your accomplishments as you do hers. You’re both rooting for one another.

12. She doesn’t try to be the person you want her to be but is always the person you need her to be.

She is not the kind of person who turns herself into someone she isn’t to please you or to make you more content overall. She is unapologetically herself and at the same time through that exactly what you need. The two of you mesh really well together.

13. She is there through the ups and the downs this world throws your way.

While you face a lot of ups and downs in this world. The two of you are by one another’s side the whole way through. She doesn’t jump ship when things go south.