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When it comes to stress a lot of things can come into play whether it’s a mental or physical stress you have to really break things down to figure out where the issues are stemming from. How stressed are you right now, perhaps more stressed than you realize?

Below I am going to go over some of the more overlooked causes of stress. Some of them are simple fixes and others might take a lot of time to overcome. Regardless, figuring them out and moving forward is important. You might be surprised at where stress in itself can come from.

13 ‘Secret’ Causes of Stress Most People Overlook:

1. Oxidative Stress

For those who do not know, the ways in which we take in oxygen can affect us in a lot of ways. The cells that makeup who we are are capable of becoming stressed and when this happens we end up feeling the effects. While hard to really grasp it’s a very serious issue, click here to learn more.

2. Overthinking Past Situations

Whether you realize you’re doing this or not, it can break you down. If you cannot change something let go of it. The things in your past are not going to define your future unless you allow them to. Stand your ground and clear your mind. You can make it through this.

3. Deficiencies

Yes, if you’re lacking something it’s going to affect how you feel and how you are able to function. Whether you’re lacking a specific vitamin or something else, figuring it out and getting what you need is important. Once again keep your health in check.

4. Procrastinating

Yes, procrastinating causes stress. The more we put something off the more upset we become when it comes time to actually get things done. We end up crunching for time and throwing things together.

5. Dehydration

When we become dehydrated it brings down not just our health but our moods. The more dehydrated you are the worse you’re going to feel. If you think you might need to drink some water, do so.

6. Clutter Bug

If your home or workspace is cluttered it can make you feel very out of place or overwhelmed. While cleaning it up might be a serious task, doing so will make you feel great. Get this done and see where you end up, you might feel a lot better once all is said and done. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. The people who care for you the most will be there for you.

7. Inflammation

Inflammation affects our hormones more than you might know. It makes it harder for our hormones to bind where they’re supposed to and because of this, we end up feeling quite different. Something this simple has a somewhat easy means of correction but most people overlook inflammation entirely and just suffer through until it gets far worse or just goes away.

8. Daily Life

If the things you go and go through in your daily life are causing you pain and stress, change them. The more upset getting through the day is the worse off you’re going to end up. Don’t force yourself to remain in the status quo if it’s literally tearing you apart.

9. Imbalances

Lots of us deal with hormonal imbalances and this causes us to feel pretty out of whack. Getting to a doctor and working to clear things up and balance things out is going to be your main means of correction. Supplements really come in handy more than you might imagine.

10. Money Issues

While we might not think we’re struggling, not having a lot of money or money to spare in general can really bring you down. Sure, you have food and a roof over your head but you’re not able to go out and do the things you want to do and that takes a toll on you. Of course, gaining more money isn’t going to be as simple as we want it to be but it is do-able if you really decide that it’s what you need. That being said, remember money isn’t going to force you to be happy and the two do not necessarily go hand in hand.

11. Blood Sugar Issues

If you have swinging blood sugar or issues with your sugar levels, in general, it can cause a lot of stress to your body and mind. You might find yourself feeling much more agitated and willing to become aggressive even, this is something you can manage if you work hard enough. Just keep your health in check and see where things end up.

12. Social Withdrawal

Sometimes we just need to be around other people but cannot force ourselves to make it happen. Social withdrawal is not something easy to overcome but the more you push yourself to at least spend time with your closest friends the easier things will become. Sometimes a little push goes a long way.

13. Personal Relationships

The people in your life affect you whether you want to admit it or not and you need to know that. Perhaps there are people using you or wasting your time. This can cause more stress than it’s worth and sometimes cutting out the toxicity is your best option.