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Deep women are a breed all their own. Nothing can compare to someone who knows who she is and how to stand her ground.

If you are a deep woman wondering why you are struggling to find love or why men just don’t seem to be able to stick around for long, you need to read this. Below you will find a list of reasons why a lot of men who are merely boys on the inside are unable to realize what they have until it is gone. Don’t let them get you down, there will be someone, someday, that makes you realize they would have never mattered in the long run anyway.

13 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle Deep Women

1. You don’t just mess around.

You are not one to be a random hookup or a friend with benefits. You don’t let people take advantage of you. This is something a lot of people think they do but they really do not.

2. You will not let someone walk all over you.

When it comes to romance, just because someone shows interest doesn’t mean you belong to them. You are your own person and you stand your ground, always. You do not change yourself for anyone.

3. You can tell when someone is lying.

You are able to read other people quite easily and a lot of men are not able to handle this. You see, some men like to get away with lying. This is easily one of your most amazing talents. You can literally almost smell a lie.

4. You don’t wait for anyone.

You are not going to sit around and wait for someone to decide they want to be with you. Everyone gets their one chance but that is it. You are not one to keep going back and forth.

5. You are too honest.

You don’t sugar coat anything, and you are just far too honest for most people. Honesty is something some people are just not as able to handle as they should be.

6. You ask questions.

You are someone who questions everything. You do not like to be out of the loop and when something needs to be talked about, you talk about it. You do not let anyone lock their emotions away.

7. You don’t need to explore your options.

You know what you want in a relationship and in life. Many people find this to be a bit overly intense. Don’t worry though, the right person will come through at the right time.

8. You are not afraid to be intimate.

You are not someone who is afraid to be vulnerable and intimate with other people. You know who you are and who you want to be. However, don’t mistake intimacy with passion, as a truly deep woman doesn’t have to be physical to be intimate.

9. You are intense.

You are too much for a lot of people but only because they are lacking in the ways you are not. These people will be where they need to be eventually, but if you really think about it, you are just more advanced. There is nothing wrong with being at the top of your game.

10. You are hardworking and intimidating.

You work hard and are independent. Other people are a bit taken apart by this because you just come off as if you don’t need them. People want to feel like they are needed and some cannot get over their own egos.

11. You love yourself.

If you love yourself but the person you are trying to be with doesn’t love himself, there will be problems. You both have to be able to accept yourselves before you can accept each other. This is just how things go.

12. You always listen to your intuition.

You are someone who listens to your gut and other people struggle to understand this kind of thing. When you decide to leave for no reason or are uncomfortable out of nowhere, it may make some people upset. This is just how things happen and you cannot change them. Don’t think there is anything wrong with you because there is not.

13. You make your own happiness.

You don’t look for happiness in others. You know that happiness comes from within. You create your own where-as other people only want happiness to come from finding the right person to be with.