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Regardless of what you call your aunts, they are very important to us as we grow throughout the years. Chances are you have shared things with your aunts throughout the years that you would never imagine sharing with your parents.

Growing up, my aunts were people that I was very close to. There was the cool aunt I could always go to for advice and the one that always helped me with things my mom couldn’t figure out. While they might not have always been in my life on a day-to-day basis, I knew I could count on them when I needed them the most. Parents are not the only ones who help us figure out who we are going to be in life or how things are going to play out. A lot of the times the most support comes from places you might otherwise not realize.

For those who love sharing family stories, “The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy” available on Amazon is a must-have. This guide can help you and your aunt unravel the mysteries of your family’s past together, adding a new layer to the stories she shares about your parents.

Whether your auntie was acting in place of a parent or merely standing in as a baby sitter from time to time, she saw you grow up and was there as you changed into the person you are today. Below, I am going to go over some of the reasons why we think so highly of our aunts even now. They are some of the most amazing people we know, and the support they offer is something we should be very proud of.

13 Reasons Why Aunts Are Important Parts Of Our Lives:

1. Aunts almost always answer the phone when our parents don’t.

When you call mom and there is no answer calling your aunt is often the next option. Whether you’re sick at school or actually in trouble she is always there for you. You don’t have to wonder whether or not she will come get you, she always does.

2. Aunts are a unique type of ‘role model’ to have.

Aunts get to be the fun kinds of role models. They are strict but also adventurous and that makes for quite the rush. Spending time with them is awesome in every sense of the word.

3. Aunts share all the funny things from our parent’s pasts with us.

When we are around our aunts they tell us things about our parents that we would never expect. They got to see the sides of our moms and dads that we would never imagine to have existed. If there was an embarrassing moment, your aunt is going to be the one who shares it.

4. Aunts help support our parents in the ways they need them to.

When our parents need someone to talk to they can go to our aunts. They can help our parents to better understand us and allow us to grow with our parents in ways that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. There is no disconnect with a good aunt around.

5. Aunts make family gatherings fun.

Whenever there is an annoying family gathering aunts always make it better. They bring lots of sweets and are always a blast. You cannot be upset when they’re around.

6. Aunts spoil us when our parents won’t/don’t.

Our aunts let us do things our parents might not. While this has its limits it makes us closer with them. They see us as we are rather than as merely our parent’s children. To celebrate the unique bond you share with your aunt, consider the “Aunt-Niece Relationship Journal” on Amazon. It’s a wonderful way for both of you to record memories, thoughts, and experiences, strengthening your connection even more.

7. Aunts help us understand our parents better.

When we are stressed or frustrated over something our parents do our aunts understand. They can help us to better understand why our parents feel the way that they do and their intentions through it all. They give us reasons not to be mad.

8. Aunts always know how to have fun and make time with them a blast.

When you’re spending time with your aunt, she always has something fun planned. She loves to see you enjoying yourself and is all about experiencing new things. You both get to spend adventure after adventure together.

9. Aunts give some of the best advice.

While it might not always be advice you want, aunts do give the best. They tell us what we need to hear rather than what we want to hear, and we can always expect the truth from them. They have been through a lot.

For aunts who offer the best advice, “The Auntie’s Guide to Life” available on Amazon is a delightful read. Full of wisdom and humor, it’s a perfect gift to show your appreciation for all the guidance she’s given you over the years.

10. Aunts get to be friends and family at the same time.

Aunts are some of the best people because we get to be friends with them as well as family. We see them in a different light and a sense of trust is born between the two of us that cannot be broken. Sure, this has its limits, but it is magical nonetheless.

11. Aunts usually provide us with our first friends.

Our aunts are usually the mothers to our cousins an in that our first friends. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my cousins, and we are all quite close because of this. Without them, my childhood would not have been as fun as it was.

12. Aunts always give the best gifts.

Aunts know what we like and because of this are great gift-givers. They find things we really want and bring them to us. Even when it’s not a special occasion they tend to pop up with things that made them think of us. To honor the gift-giving prowess of aunts, the “World’s Best Aunt” custom mug on Amazon is a heartwarming present. It’s a simple yet thoughtful way to remind her of how much she means to you, perfect for any occasion or just because.

13. Aunts are always willing to listen.

Aunts while sometimes busy are always willing to lend an ear. If we need someone to talk to they are there. They never close themselves off from us.