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In Hollywood, witches are often depicted as being evil. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Real witches come in many forms and can offer many different things to those around them. The world around us is full of magical gifts from above. We just normally fail to notice them, but witches are able to see these gifts and use them as they see fit.

Real witches also come with real powers and are very capable when it comes to doing things most others would never be able to imagine. Witchcraft, for those who might not be aware, has deep pagan roots and doesn’t have anything to do with worshiping the devil. Paganism is easily the oldest religion and includes all other religions when you really break things down.

Below I am going to go over the different kinds of powers that come with being a witch. While we are all magical in our own ways, witches are capable of so much more in this life. Whether you are a witch or are close with a witch, you are going to be reaping some major benefits. These are some of the best people to have around.

The 13 Powers Real Witches Have:

1. They are able to connect with animals.

Witches are able to connect with all forms of life on a deeper level than those who are not witches. They appreciate and resonate with animals in a way that is unique and all their own. It is almost as if they can literally speak to one another.

2. They have extremely vivid dreams.

Witches tend to get a lot of insight from their dreams. Because the time in which they are asleep is when the veil is thinnest, they do a lot of work in the dream world. Through their dreams, they may connect with the deceased or even come to a new understanding. A lot of witches actually even choose to do their work through their dream state, this can be both complicated and beneficial.

3. They have a deeper connection with the people around them.

Witches are the people you love to be around the most. Their energies are more than enough to brighten a room. You cannot help but be drawn to them.

The presence a witch has is not as ominous as the big screen tends to make it out to be. Witches are often very positive people to be around, and they bring with them a kind of energy that you cannot find in other people. They benefit others by just being near.

4. They can lift the spirits of just about anyone.

Witches have a lot of powers, but one of their most amazing ones is that they are able to bring a smile to the faces of just about everyone they cross paths with. When someone is down in the dumps a witch can really make them feel better. They don’t have to do much to bring about positive change. While you might not realize it, when they come to your side and allow you to cry on their shoulders they are taking away the problem and working to better your existence.

5. They are natural born healers.

Witches are naturally good at healing others. They can help you to heal on an emotional or physical level. While you might not realize the impact they are making they are working wonders on your life. They tend to really spend a lot of time nurturing the lives of those they care for most, and this is done in various forms of magic and otherwise.

6. Their intuition is much stronger than that of most others.

Witches have an intuition stronger than that of most other people. They are able to feel and sense things that no one else can. If the witch in your close circle of friends says something is happening, or he or she doesn’t like someone then you need to take their words to heart. They don’t warn others without reason.

7. They have a green thumb.

Witches are great at keeping plants alive. Like I said before, they are deeply connected with all forms of life on this planet. They are able to grow just about anything and work wonders in the garden.

8. They always know what to say/give good advice.

Witches always know what to say and are able to give some of the best advice. They are not going to tell you what you want to hear but they will tell you what you need to hear. They know how to get their point across without making things too weird.

9. They can predict the weather.

Witches can predict the weather in some ways. They seem to be more in tune with nature and because of that usually, know what is going to happen in regards. If it is going to rain it is almost as if they can smell it.

10. They can remove negativity from their bodies and specific places.

Witches can remove negative energies from their bodies and the places around them. They are able to cleanse on a deeper level than most. They are constantly working to make this world a better place.

11. They tend to have psychic abilities.

Witches tend to be a bit psychic. While the abilities in regards they might have come in a wide range they are always quite prominent. Whether they can speak to the dead or see the future they are always working to improve on these abilities.

12. They can look at things in a more open-minded manner.

Witches can look at most anything with an open mind. While most people don’t think this is a power it truly is. Most people in this world seem practically incapable of this.

Being open-minded in this day and age is very important. In order for a witch to keep her spirits where they need to be she has to be open-minded. In the world of magic, anything is possible.

13. They understand the world and nature.

Witches understand nature and the world before us all in a way that those who are not witches are not capable of. They see things others cannot see and feel things others cannot feel. While witches are a bit misunderstood they are truly amazing.