In life, we have many different types of soulmates; we have soul friends, partners, and family. They all come into our lives when we need them the absolute most, and while some are only temporary others last a lifetime.

If you find yourself in the presence of one of your soulmates you will understand the following without questioning it. However, before you can ever truly understand and appreciate a soulmate you must first find love and happiness within. Finding yourself brings them all the more close to you.

13 Things That Make Soulmates So Special:

1. There is something that draws you to them.

Their inner light shines with the same color as your own. These people bring about emotions within your being that you do not quite understand or know how to explain. You just feel as if you need them.

2. There is a basic understanding between the two of you.

You know your boundaries without them even being stated. You can literally finish each other’s sentences. You experience a lot with this person even in a small amount of time. They just get you and you just get them.

3. Your friendship/relationship is intense in a good way.

There are so many emotions surrounding your time together. With that being said, these emotions are good emotions. You are always focused on bringing out the best in one another.

4. You can look to them for guidance.

Your soulmate will only ever give you the best advice they can. You both have one another’s best interest at heart. They want your problems to be resolved.

5. Once they come into your life your other relationships flourish as well.

A soulmate can and will bring your whole family together. You begin connecting with others on deeper levels and are more fulfilled. Life is finally beginning to make sense for once!

6. You can count on each other.

A soulmate is someone who will not let you down. He or she will be there for you when no one else is. You have each other’s backs.

7. You can trust one another.

Your soulmate is someone you can trust without a doubt. This person will not do anything to harm you intentionally. They keep your best interests at heart.

8. You both respect one another.

In this day and age respect is hard to come by. Your soulmate will respect you in all possible ways. You don’t have to try to be someone you are not.

9. You are comfortable.

You can be free and open with this person, because he or she will never judge you. Everything just runs so smoothly.

10. You challenge each other.

You push one another to be the best possible versions of yourselves that you can be. You bring out nothing but the best in one another, and this is a magical thing. You are comfortable and content with each other.

11. You both know it is okay to be vulnerable.

When you need a shoulder to cry on your soulmate is there and vice versa. You truly can count on one another in all possible ways. When you cannot be strong your soulmate will be strong for you.

12. No matter how long you are apart, you can pick things right back up.

You can spend weeks or even years apart only to come back together as if nothing has changed. Your friendship can stand the tests of time and will. You always come back to one another when you are needed the most.

13. You share the same goals.

You know where you are headed in life and that it is going to be something you do together. You have so much in common that it is insane. Everything is almost perfect.

When you have found a soulmate you know it. You do not experience jealousy because you know he or she is never going to break your trust. You two were just meant to come into one another’s lives.

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