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People who are old souls do not love in the same manner as most other people. While it might seem the same at first, as time passes you will begin to see that there are some very clear differences. 

Now for those who do not know, old souls are people who are much more mature and together than the rest. They have been part of this world more times over than other souls and are much wiser as a result. They do not play games like other people do, and they are very straightforward with going over what it is they want in a relationship.

Loving an old soul is one of the best things you can do but it can also be a lot if you’re not ready for it. These kinds of souls are ready to settle down in ways that not all other souls are ready for. Below I am going to go over some different ways old souls love and break them down as best I can. If you’re trying to win over an old soul, you need to be aware of these things before diving in too deep.

12 Ways Old Souls Love Differently:

1. Old souls are realistic and do not expect too much from their partners.

Old souls don’t put unrealistic expectations on their partners. They know that we are all human and that at the end of the day mistakes are going to be made here and there. They are very forgiving and understanding as a whole.

2. Old souls are extremely understanding overall.

Old souls as noted above are very understanding. You don’t have to hide things from them. They are always willing to see things from different perspectives.

3. Old souls need their space big time.

Old souls tend to want to spend time on their own. While in other relationships this can be an issue, with the old soul it is something they cannot compromise on. You both have to be capable of spending time without one another, period.

4. Old souls want to see that vulnerable side of their partners.

Old souls are not going to get uncomfortable and jump ship the moment you show your vulnerable side. They want to see that side of you. Being able to share that with them shows them just how much you truly trust and appreciate them in your life.

5. Old souls learn from the people they love the most.

Old souls are not closed off to the point where they refuse to learn things. They learn a lot through the people they hold closest. They are always being taught new things and take constructive criticism very seriously, unlike some people.

6. Old souls always try to see the best in other people.

Old souls are constantly looking for the best in other people. They tend to overlook some of the more negative things as a result. While they don’t let people walk all over them, they do take on more than they should in regards.

7. Old souls are natural caretakers.

Old souls are natural caretakers. They like to help others and feel like they need to take care of their partners. While you might want your independence, they still want to be able to do things for you.

8. Old souls cannot be changed and will tell you that from the get-go.

Old souls are not the kinds of people you can just change. They are very set in their ways. While they will move forth in some areas, if you’re not able to accept them as they are, things will not work.

9. Old souls take emotions very seriously.

Old souls want you to show them your real emotions. They take emotions very seriously. Don’t downplay things or make it seem like you’re not bothered when you are, they will notice and call you out on it.

10. Old souls prefer heartfelt gifts over expensive materialistic items, always.

Old souls always want gifts of the heart. They would much rather you make a card than go buy one. The time you spend doing things for them stands out much more than any price would.

11. Old souls are amazing when it comes to communicating, they want to sit down and talk things out when issues come up.

Old souls are always willing to sit down and talk things out. If an issue comes up in the relationship they want to get through it properly. They do not jump to anger and attack, they take things from a standpoint that allows growth.

12. Old souls are usually homebodies, they don’t like going out all the time. 

Old souls are not going to want to go out all the time. While they will treat you here and there they would much rather spend date night at home making dinner for you. This is just how they are.