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Jealousy is something we all have to face quite often in our lives, be it jealousy of others or others being jealous of us. This is a feeling that no one can truly ever get rid of, no matter how hard they might try.

When it comes to figuring out if someone is jealous of you the signs should be quite clear. While you might not know how to pick up on them, they will be showing. Below, I am going to go over some signs so that you can better understand why some people may be doing the things that they are doing.

12 Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You:

1. They always want to ruin your plans.

This person is always trying to ruin your plans. Whenever they see you with something you want to do, they go out of their way to try and make sure that you cannot do that thing. It’s like seeing you doing something you want will make them mad or upset, whether they want to admit it or not.

2. They like to say rude things about you.

They are constantly saying things to belittle you. Even the most insignificant issues become big issues to them. They are always going out of their way to point out your flaws.

3. They seem happy when they see you failing or sad.

It really seems like they are happier when you’re upset. They want you to fail and always seem at their highest when you are at your lowest. Everything is not as it should be.

4. They pretend to like you, but their fakeness is clear.

They pretend to be your friend only to get dirt on you. They are quick to share your mistakes and issues with others, but never mention the good things you do. They are not as kind as they make themselves out to be.

5. They are always talking about their accomplishments.

They are always trying to talk about themselves. They rule all the conversations you have together and no matter what the topic is they find a way to change it. They are in this sense seemingly narcissistic.

6. They are always trying to one-up you.

They see when you do something fun or make an accomplishment as a challenge. They are always trying to one-up you. While you might feel good about your accomplishments and praise them on theirs, they will not be willing to do the same.

7. They highlight your mistakes.

They are always making your mistakes known. If you do something that gets you into trouble, they will never let it go. It’s like they hold onto it to feel superior.

8. They tend to copy a lot of things you do.

When you do something, they have to do it too. They are constantly trying to copy you and this can be quite frustrating. While you might not mind at first as time goes by this becomes quite annoying.

9. They give you bad advice on purpose.

They might literally give you bad advice so that they can see you fail. They want you to fail, and if they can persuade you to do so without having to put much effort forth, they are all for it. They might convince you to change your mind on something important to you, or other things of the sort.

10. They give you bullshit compliments.

They will tell you they like your lipstick color if they think it looks bad, or compliments you on your skirt if they notice a stain. Instead of being honest like most people would be they are fake and want you to walk around looking a mess. While this kind of thing can come in a wide range, it is a compliment you know is empty.

11. They don’t like you, but also have no reason not to like you.

They don’t like you and make it known that they don’t like you. That being said, they have no reason to not like you. You have done nothing to them, and might not even really know them at all.

12. They only want to be around when you’re at your lowest.

They only want to see you fail. When you’re down in the dumps they will come around, but if you’re doing good they will not have anything to do with you. These kinds of people only want to see you at your worst, they don’t care to see you doing well.

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