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When it comes to parenting, of course, we all make mistakes. No one is perfect, but being able to correct yourself and put forth the right foot to set them off properly is important.

Kids need a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food in their bellies, but that’s not all they need. They need to be taught about the real world and this planet as a whole. The children in the world today and to come are the future of this planet and without them, Mother Nature would not be able to repair itself. 

We have as humanity damaged this world drastically as well as the people and creatures in it. Teaching our children to be caring and kind might be something we hope to do, but it needs to be something we definitely do. Below, I am going to go over some things we need to make sure we do as our kids are growing so that we can be sure they are growing properly in all the right ways.

 12 Things We Have To Do If We Want Our Children To Grow Properly:

1. Show them how important the small things are.

Our children need to know that sometimes we need to take a moment to breathe, and that there is nothing wrong with that. In a world that is so fast-paced and darting around them, they may get caught up in everything else. The small things matter, and you need to be sure to show them exactly that. Take them on walks, to the park, and really remind them that it’s alright to stop and simply enjoy life from time to time.

2. Be the person for them that you needed when you were a child.

Think about your life growing up and how you struggled as a child. What did you need that you wish you could have had? Be that for your child and make sure he or she doesn’t have to go without in regards. We as parents want the best for our kids, but sometimes the best isn’t as extravagant as we might think it is.

3. Don’t make them feel invalid.

Be sure to make your child feel cared for. Let him or her show that creative side and chase his or her dreams. While there are going to be some unrealistic things in the beginning, the more you believe in your child, the more he or she will flourish. Far too often, we are quick to shut down things that could have blossomed into something huge.

4. Make sure they know that their actions affect others, everything has a reaction, even if it’s a bad reaction.

Don’t teach your kids to simply do what they want and that everyone else will bend to their needs because that’s not how life works. Everything we do has a reaction, and if we do bad things, the reactions will be bad as well. For instance, teach them that if they take something that isn’t theirs, someone else will be upset about having lost it and may not have the money to replace it.

5. Apologize when you’re wrong and teach them that we should all be willing to say ‘sorry.’

When you make a mistake, never hesitate to apologize to your kids. They are people just like you, and they deserve an apology when one is warranted. By doing this, you are teaching them just how important it is to apologize and that everyone does it, no exceptions.

6. Show them how important Mother Nature is.

Make sure that your kids know that this planet is what keeps us alive, not the other way around. Without the trees, the bees, and so much more, we would cease to exist. This place we call home is important, and we need to do all we can to protect it properly. The sooner they learn about this, the better.

7. Help them, help others – compassion is important.

When your kids want to offer food to a homeless person, let them. Teach them that we should care for one another and that they can be the kind source present in this world if they want to be. The more compassion you cultivate within them, the better. We all need to care for one another.

8. Show them that they too can teach us things.

Don’t ever close yourself off to the point where you don’t think your child has anything to teach you. Children are amazing beings that we can learn a lot from. They might not know the same things we do, but they still come across things we too struggle with.

9. Teach them to say thank you and to show appreciation.

Make sure that you’re teaching your kids to be polite and say things like, thank you. That is something we do not see as often in this day and age. As humanity moves forth it is growing colder. Ignite a light of kindness within your kids.

10. Be open and honest about your mistakes.

Don’t hide your mistakes from your kids. Make sure they know that even as adults, sometimes we mess up. We are all only human and in this world no one is perfect.

11. Make sure they know they can share anything with you.

Do not be the kind of parent that refuses to listen to your kids. Always be willing to hear them out and let them know that they can share anything with you. They need to be able to communicate properly and know how to find people that they can trust, period.

12. Make sure they know how to set boundaries and how to keep those boundaries from being stepped all over.

Teach your children that in this world, there are people who will try to use them. Help them set boundaries and show them how to keep those boundaries in check. If you don’t this world will chew them up and spit them out quickly.