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There are lots of different kinds of personalities in this world, and some of them conflict with others. The traits we have tend to fit into these types quite well and really help explain a lot.

If you are an alpha personality type, then this article is for you. Alpha personality types tend to be very misunderstood. Sure, alphas are people who are strong and intimidating, but there is a lot more to them than just that. If you’re an alpha, you know the following things are things that tend to get taken in the wrong way.

Just because you’re an alpha doesn’t mean you have to be at the top of your game 24/7. You can and will have your own weak moments as well. If you’re an alpha and someone close to you is having trouble understanding you, perhaps sharing this with them will benefit your relationship.

12 Things People Might Not Realize You Do Because You’re An Alpha Person:

1. You keep your close circle small.

Alpha people might be friendly in general and know a lot of people, but they do not let many people get close. They do not trust a lot of people, and with good reason. They keep their circle small.

2. You are very to the point when speaking.

When you say something, you don’t waste your time sugar-coating it. You say exactly what you’re trying to say. You do not beat around the bush.

3. You do not say things that you do not mean.

You are someone that says what you mean. You don’t say things that you don’t mean. You think it all through so that you don’t have to take anything back.

4. You are very confident in your own abilities.

You know that you are capable of a lot of things. You have the sense of self-worth that most others lack. You know that you can do a lot more than other people think, and you prove it time and time again.

5. You don’t care what other people say.

You don’t care what other people say or think. You know your own self-worth, and that is all you need. You do not let other people define you.

6. You are a very hands-on worker.

You like to be hands-on when it comes to explaining things and working in general. You don’t want to sit behind a desk and waste away. You like to really get out there and put your best foot forward.

7. You pay more attention to actions than words.

You pay a lot more attention to the things people do than the things they say. You don’t let them use you or waste your time. If they say they will do something and refuse to follow through time and time again, you cut ties. We as humans can’t just keep giving chance after chance.

8. You do not have any kind of ‘fear of missing out.’

As an alpha, you know that you’re never missing out on anything. You know that if you want to do something, you can go out and do it. Why waste time being afraid of missing out when you can just do what you want to begin with.

9. You are in no way a pushover and stand your ground.

You are not the kind of person to let others walk all over you. If someone bothers you or says something to offend you, you make sure they are aware of it. You do not leave anything to the imagination.

10. You are quite the perfectionist.

You tend to get yourself in trouble sometimes because of this one. You are a perfectionist in most ways. You like for things to be exactly as they should be and refuse to change your mindset no matter what.

11. People mistake your passion for bossiness.

People tend to think you are being bossy, when really you’re just letting your passionate side come out. You don’t want to upset the people around you, you just want to get things done. You care very strongly about the things that bring out your passion.

12. You tend to be very protective towards your friends and family.

You are someone that other people do not tend to want to offend. You are protective of the people who matter most to you, and if someone messes with one of them, they also mess with you. You stand up for the people that mean something to you, big time.