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We all know some people who are book smart, but those people are not always genuinely intelligent. The two just are nowhere near the same thing.

Book smart is what we call people who are educated schooling wise. These people could recite plays or tell you anything you want to know about the human body, but that does not mean they are smarter than some of those who have a high intelligence, all the while not necessarily being book smart. You see, some people are just born much more intelligent than the rest of us.

We are all good at our own things, but I am sure you have noticed that some people are good as well, everything without even trying it seems. There are several different kinds of intelligence, but in this article, we are going to go over some of the key differences when it comes to genuine intelligence and ‘book smarts.’ Which one are you?

12 Differences Between Being Genuinely Intelligent and Merely ‘Book Smart’:

1. Book smart people usually have a much higher level of education than most others, genuinely intelligent people sometimes do not.

Book smart people tend to be the people who have gone to school and really studied hard. While they are learning all they can, they might be lacking in the common sense are. However, sometimes intelligent people are ‘highly educated’ as well.

2. Intelligent people prefer to do things hands on, book smart people do not.

Intelligent people are very much hands-on kinds of people. Sometimes reading books just doesn’t click for them. They need to, in some cases actually get their hands dirty before they truly understand.

3. Intelligent people are often quite creative, book smart people are not always creative at all.

Intelligent people tend to be much more creative than book smart people. They just have something most other people do not. Sure, book smart people can be creative, but they’re not usually anywhere near as creative.

4. Book smart people can list facts for days but can’t really go deeper into things.

Book smart people can go for hours on end listing off different facts and so forth, but intelligent people can actually break things down. Sure, some books smart people are also capable of getting into a good conversation, but their conversations tend to fall short in many areas.

5. Book smart people do well at quizzes, but intelligent people do not always get good grades.

Book smart people tend to be really good at quizzes and tests. Their grades are always the best, but with intelligent people it’s different. They might literally be failing all of their classes, all the while having so much genius locked within their minds.

6. Intelligent people are able to come up with solutions to problems quite quickly, book smart people struggle with this.

Intelligent people are good problem solvers, but book smart people are not. Intelligent people act much quicker and get things done easier. Book smart people tend to think too much.

7. Book smart people have spent a lot of time studying, genuinely intelligent people don’t have to study as much usually.

Book smart people spend all of their time studying for tests or trying to get the best grades. Intelligent people do not always care about these things. Studying is the last thing on their mind.

8. Some intelligent people actually didn’t even finish high school.

Some of the greatest geniuses of our past didn’t even finish high school. Getting the best grades doesn’t mean you’re smarter than everyone else. It’s not as prestigious as you might think.

9. Book smart people do not use their instincts as often as intelligent people do.

Intelligent people trust their gut always and forever. Book smart people might try to look at things from the logical point of view above all else. This is really something that tends to hold a lot of people back!

10. Book smart people do hold a lot of knowledge but are not always aware of how to use it.

Book smart people do know a lot, but when it comes to putting that knowledge to use they tend to fall short. They have the means but not the skills. I guess this is what it all boils down to.

11. Intelligent people sometimes hold ‘street smarts’ book smart people would know nothing about.

Intelligent people could get by within their means, book smart people might not be able to actually act on things. While both might know what needs to be done, only one would actually be able to do it. I know, this sounds odd, but it is quite true.

12. Book smart people learn from reading and thinking, whereas intelligent people learn from doing and trying.

Book smart people learn from reading and thinking things over. Intelligent people do not operate in the same manner. They learn more from doing things and trying out different theories. They are as mentioned above much more hands on.