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We all go about dating and finding love in this day and age in our own ways, but in the past, things were nowhere near what they are now. When you think of the 1950s chances are you might assume their idea of finding love might be a bit less intriguing than what we’re used to in modern times, right?

Well, to be completely honest, it seems women of the past were just as spicy as we are in this day and age. A woman named Kim Marx-Kuczynski took to Facebook around this time last year to share something she had found in a magazine from the 1950s and it is making its rounds yet again. She bought a magazine from the year 1958 and it was called ‘McCall’ within it she found an article titled ‘129 Ways to Get A Husband’ and as she noted the article itself does not disappoint.

This article covered everything from where to find him to how to let him know you’re there and everything in-between. It talked about how to get him to be attracted to you and even had several points called ‘wild ideas’ and in this section ‘anything goes.’ People have a tendency to assume that the people from years before our own lived boring lives but that clearly isn’t the case, they were just as lively (if not more-so) than we are currently.

If you haven’t already check this list out for yourself, take a peek through the images below. Which numbers stick out the most to you? Do you think any of these would help you find a husband even now in our current year?

(Credit McCall’s)