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If you have ever met anyone intelligent, it should come as no surprise that intelligent people are quirky individuals. And while intelligent people are not all the same, nor can they be lumped into the same bucket- there are many traits they share.

There are many ways to measure intelligence, and while IQ (intelligence quotient) may be one of the most commonly associated with intelligence, it’s not the only way. IQ measures your reasoning, memory, and problem-solving skills, but doesn’t take into account your overall capabilities.

Furthermore, IQ doesn’t measure creative or emotional intelligence.

With that being said, intelligent people are often weird, strange, and different from others. Their habits prove that. Here are 8 strange habits intelligent people share.

1. They are night owls.

Intelligent people tend to stay up later than those who are less intelligent, according to various studies. One study carried out by the London School of Economics and Political Science found that people who stay up late measured higher on intelligence scales. The study authors believe this is because they “tend to be introverted, and like being up late at night without distractions to think and solve problems.”

2. They are at a higher risk of being bipolar.

In a study published on the NCBI, researchers found a strong link between Bipolar disorder in its pure form and intelligence. When you think about it- this makes sense because Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway were both bipolar. And typically, children and adults with bipolar disorder are often focused on art, music, and foreign languages.

3. They swear.

Many people assume that swearing means you aren’t intelligent or are uneducated, but studies reflect otherwise. Dr. Timothy Jay and his colleagues carried out a study, and explained “Taboo or ‘swear word’ fluency is positively correlated with overall verbal fluency,” continuing, Jay said, “The more words you generated in one category meant the more words you generated in another category, orally and verbally.”

4. They are highly sensitive.

Emotional intelligence is another very important form of intelligence. And those who have high emotional intelligence are extremely empathetic and may often pick up on the emotions of others and take them on themselves.

5. Slurping sounds make them mad.

Many people have a hard time filtering out sounds, and in turn, can become quite frustrated when people make unpleasant sounds like slurping. What’s interesting is that in a recent study, there was a link found between intelligent people and the phenomenon of ‘misophonia.’ Apparently, the more intelligent you are, the more unpleasant sounds will annoy you.

6. They doodle.

Do you enjoy doodling? One habit of intelligent people is doodling, so if you enjoy doodling, you may also be intelligent. In a study carried out in the United Kingdom, doodling increases memory while also giving you the adding benefit of being able to express your feelings, and concepts on your mind.

7. They easily adapt.

Life is full of twists and turns, and in many cases, we have to adjust and push forward. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that intelligent people are more able to adapt.

8. They have a dark sense of humor.

2017 research shows a major link between intelligence and dark humor. When you overcome adversity in life in a humorous way, this shows you not only are more adaptable, but also more intelligent as well.