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When it comes to telling your partner that you love and appreciate them, sometimes words are not needed. Sure, actually saying ‘I love you’ is important, but sometimes showing a person that you love them is much more meaningful.

Below, I am going to go over some of the more overlooked ways you can tell your partner that you love them. These are things some of us do every day and others forget to do at all. The more we do these things the more truly connected we can and will be with the one person we love the most.

12 Ways You Can Tell Your Partner That You Love Them:

1. Go see a movie that they want to see, or watch one of their favorites.

If you want to make someone feel special, all you have to do is spend some time with them. Go take them to see a movie they’ve been dying to see or watch something you know they love with them. This makes them feel like you really want to enjoy something with them and makes them feel very loved.

2. Wear something that you know they like seeing you wear.

Your partner is going to notice when you start wearing things that you know they like. This is something they will feel like as your means of trying to impress them and thus make them feel even more important to you. Sure, it sounds simple but it is a big step for some.

3. Take the day off and spend it together (if you are both able to within reason).

If you are both able to take a day off, do it. Spend some one-on-one time together; sleep in and have breakfast in bed, go on a walk after dinner, or have an impromptu date. Really take the time to enjoy one another’s company.

4. Get them a gift for no reason even if it’s something small.

Even if you just happen to pick a flower on your way home from work for your significant other, they will appreciate it. This lets them know that you were thinking about them and makes them feel more loved. The more often you do this, the more loved they will feel.

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5. Flirt with them often.

For some reason, we tend to assume that once we’ve settled down, flirting with each other isn’t important anymore, but it is. It makes us feel wanted and cared for. Make your significant other aware that you are still very much attracted to him/her.

6. Go experience something new with them.

We grow closer to one another when we experience new things together. The more you go through with each other, the more connected you will be. Your partner will be excited that you want to share so much with him/her.

7. Cook something they love for them.

When we cook for one another, we are showing each other that we care about their well-being and want them to have a good meal. Even the most simple meals can make things truly spicy in the romantic region. While you might not often stop to think about this, if your significant other has had a long day, coming home to a meal that’s already cooked is a great feeling.

8. Plan a serious date night.

While going back and forth trying to figure things out is common, sometimes we want our partner to take charge and plan things out. This shows effort and makes us feel like our time is worth something to the person we’re with. It doesn’t have to be a wild and crazy date, just one you know the two of you will have fun on.

9. Send them sweet messages from time to time.

A simple sweet good morning text or a nice message as you’re on your way home from work can go a long way. This is another way to let your partner know they are on your mind and make them feel important to you. This can be something as simple as ‘I can’t wait to see you.’

10. Leave them a note telling them how much you appreciate them.

Notes might not be something we leave one another often, but from time to time they make a big difference in how our days continue forth. If you’re running late and stressed, finding a sweet note in your lunch bag might be enough to bring a smile to your face. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference in life and in love.

11. Do some chores around the house.

Clean the house and take out the trash, really set the mood for your partner to come home to a comfy home. This might not be something you do every day, but doing it from time to time as a means of helping out is important. As a couple, you are in a partnership and everyone should be doing their part.

12. Show them affection.

Kiss and hug your partner often. Make sure they know that even though you’ve been together for a while, that intimate spark is still blazing. You will start to miss this kind of thing if it ever slacks off.

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