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There are times in life when we may feel uncomfortably out of place. However, according to many experts, it is during these times that we are transitioning into something beyond our inferior selves.

The Power of Self-Reflection: Embracing the Authentic You – Dive deeper into understanding your introspective journey.

1. You Have Become More Independent

As we grow older, we learn that if something needs to be done, we must do it ourselves. This is especially true when we are growing into the person we need to be because, during this time, we have a lot going on inside our mind. If you have been in deep thought lately, and have isolated yourself from the world, don’t worry, this is actually a good sign.

2. You Are Cutting Ties From People that Are Bad For You

During our life, it can be hard to cut people off, especially those that we love. But, when we are in the middle of a positive transition, we begin to remove people from our life that impact us negatively.

3. You Suddenly Are Feeling Things From Your Past

Working through past traumas, and heartache may be hurtful at the time. However, this is a major sign that you are growing. So, work through those issues, and move on to an improved version of yourself. Outgrowing Friends: Navigating the Waters of Change – A guide to understanding and managing the evolving nature of friendships.

4. You Have Regrets and Shame

While we may oftentimes have denial regarding the bad things we have done, when we are maturing, we begin to realize our mistakes and regret them. But, when we begin to cling to the past too much, we can get lost. Realize what you have done, take responsibility and move on.

5. You Understand that You Aren’t Perfect, and Accept It

No one is perfect, but when we are young, we may feel as though we are. However, when we come to the point of understanding that we are imperfect, and we embrace our flaws, something bigger than we understand is taking place.

6. We Stop Trusting Everyone

Being young means being naive. And there is no way around this fact. Thankfully, when we move past this and know that not all people are good, or trustworthy, we can grow. The Purpose-Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? – A bestselling book for those seeking their life’s purpose.

7. You Keep Tabs on Time

When we are young and impulsive, we lost track of time and are never on time. But, as we age we become more responsible, and constantly feel as though we are crunched for time. Don’t stress, but continue to hold yourself accountable for time lost.

8. You Are Broke, But Your Bills Are Paid

When you look at your checkbook and think, ‘Damn, I’m broke!’, but are content that your bills are paid, you are moving forward.

9. You Care…..Too Much

Some may call you sensitive, but you care. You care a lot, however, it may feel intense. But don’t fret, you are changing for the better.

10. You Are Constantly Rethinking Your Life

You may feel crazy, or out of kilter, but this is a good thing. When we sit back and reassess our situation constantly, this means that we are learning. Self-Care Rituals: A Guide to Healing and Inner Peace – A practical guide to practicing self-care in daily life.

11. You Care A Lot About Your Health Suddenly

It may be easier to choose a cheeseburger and shake, but suddenly, you are conscious about your health. You feel bad about eating junk, and maybe water isn’t as good as a shake. However, caring about your body is a great thing!

12. You Are Getting Things Done and Staying Busy

You may be so busy that you feel as though you are going to implode, but this means that you are getting things done. While it may be unnerving, as long as you are taking care of what needs to be taking care of, don’t fret.