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Narcissists can be much bolder than you might assume them to be. While at first, they seem a bit reserved, once they have you where they want you their behaviors become quite unbelievable, to say the least.

For those who might not be aware narcissists are people with NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They have an inflated sense of self-importance, seek attention, manipulate those who care for them and hide their vulnerable side behind some quite fabricated and pretty bold confidence. While not all narcissists are the exact same they seem to have a ton in common all the while.

Below I am going to go over some of the more outlandish things narcissists do and how to help spot them for yourself and those around you. Sure, there are lots of people in our lives who seem like narcissists who do not quite fit the description but once you’ve been face to face with a real narcissist you cannot deny their presence. These kinds of people are some of the most frustrating and damning individuals you might ever come across.

12 Mindblowing Things Narcissists Do:

1. They love to stir up drama in the lives of those around them.

When you’re around a narcissist they will do all they can to ensure drama is present in your life. If you give them any kind of power over you they will use it against you. The more you’re around them the more dramatic your life will become and it’s definitely their fault.

2. They will make you feel purposefully excluded, big time.

The more time you spend with the narcissist the more excluded you feel. They never tell you the things they should tell you and they never do the things with you that they should do with you. It’s like they only want to be around you when they’re benefiting from your presence and otherwise they couldn’t care less to spend time with you. You just don’t really mean much to them and that is quite clear.

3. They treat all the time they spend with you like a game.

When they are spending time with you they make it into a game. They don’t spend time with you because they want to spend time with you, they do it because they know they can gain something from it. You are a claw machine, and they’re constantly pulling things out of you.

4. Their maturity is lacking more than most are able to see.

Most people for some reason cannot see these people for who they truly are. They are immature and uncaring to those closest to them. They will not be kind to you or allow you to really be yourself around them regardless of how long you spend fighting them over it.

5. They meet every conversation with a passive-aggressive response.

The more you talk to them the more irritated you become. They always face every little thing in a passive-aggressive manner and are unwilling to change. They act like children and there is no denying that.

6. They are extremely childish.

Narcissists are very childish people. They have to have their way and are not going to let you win in any situation at all. The harder you try the more kid-like they become.

7. They have to win even when there is no competition.

Whether you’re competing or not they will kick you out of the water. Everything to them is a serious fight and if you challenge them they are going to take it too far. Nothing is as it seems when you’re close to this kind of person.

8. They are far too sensitive.

These kinds of people cannot handle criticism. They are unable to take the help being offered to them unless it is someone actually doing their work for them. If you say something that upsets them they will have a full-on melt-down.

9. They are extremely frustrating.

Narcissists people are some of the most frustrating people you will ever come across. The more you’re around them the more stressful their presence will become. They do not let you have even just a moment of peace.

10. They will make fun of all of the things that bother you the most.

All of the things you allow the narcissist to learn about you can and will be used against you. Narcissists are extremely manipulative people, and they always go the extra mile to make people uncomfortable. If something is eating away at you, they will bring it up.

11. They love tearing people apart from one another.

If there is someone you’re close to the narcissist will tear you apart from him or her. Narcissists love to place wedges between people and beat those wedges until relationships are completely ruined. This kind of thing is in many ways quite heartbreaking and if not noticed quickly can change your whole life.

12. They don’t care about your problems, ever.

Narcissists are not the people you can come to for help for the most part. If you ever get them to do anything for you, they will not let you live it down. The more they do for you the more they will expect you to do for them. Nothing in the life of a narcissist comes for free.