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Pleiadian starseeds are people who are healers on a deeper level than most. They are able to communicate with dimensions most others are not.

While you may have heard the term starseed it’s not likely that you’ve become aware of the different kinds. There are quite a few and the Pleiadian is one of the best and most revered. These souls came from and continue to come from the Pleiades Star Cluster.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that make up a Pleiadian starseed so that you can determine if you might be one or not. While there is a lot more to it than just these things, these traits are a good place to begin. How many of these are present within you?

12 Traits That Signify You Are A Pleiadian Starseed

1. You are very peace-oriented.

You are all about bringing forth peace. You do to others as you feel they deserve and offer everyone the benefit of the doubt. You are a very kind individual.

2. You are a better healer than most.

You are a skilled healer. You heal others on a level that most healers cannot. It’s like you feel things more deeply and are able to read the emotions to come before they are present.

3. You feel like you do not belong here.

You don’t feel like the place you are is home to you. You know that you do not belong but do not know where you should go. It’s like you cannot pinpoint where you need to head from here but you know that ‘here’ isn’t going to work for you.

4. You are highly intuitive.

You are a highly intuitive person. You are able to feel things that most others never pick up on. When your intuition comes calling, you listen to it.

5. You feel horrible in the presence of negative emotion.

You cannot handle negative emotions. When someone is down and out you really take it to heart. It’s like your an empath but in overdrive.

6. You are very compassionate person.

You are always showing compassion to the people and animals around you. You are able to show them what most refuse to. You feel that it is your duty to be there for them in the ways you can be.

7. You tend to repress your own emotions.

You tend to repress your own emotions for the sake of facing those of others. This is not how things are supposed to work and you struggle with it a lot. While it is something you can overcome it is also a very big issue within your life.

8. You find joy in the small things.

You are always finding something to be happy about. You take pride in all that you do and see the best in even the worst situations. The bigger picture is always in your sight.

9. You are better at most at communicating.

You can communicate with just about anyone. You are able to talk to people that others consider to be intimidating and are able to really get them to open up. Most are not capable of this kind of thing.

Image via Conscious Reminder