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In this day and age being comfortable enough with yourself to remain on your own and hold your own is not something, many people are capable of. The more we fight to really understand ourselves the more prominent some people’s struggles become in regards.

While we should not fear being alone or remaining in solitude, there are many people who do. Strong women might be quite abundant overall but stronger than strong women who know their worth and are willing to really go the extra mile to find the lives they’ve always wanted are lacking. As we move through this life we really begin to realize just how disconnected and unwilling to free ourselves that most of us are and that’s hard to come to terms with. 

Below I am going to go over some of the traits and characteristics that really define those women who hold their own and are capable of spending their lives without relying on others. While they might not always be as easy to spot, they are some of the most inspirational people to be near or associate with. How many women do you know who fit this kind of description? I have several who come to mind and without them, life would never be the same.

12 Traits Women Who Know Their Worth Have:

1. They have really gotten to know themselves on a level most people never will.

Women who know their worth also know themselves very well. They’ve done a lot of soul-searching and spending time on their own to the point where they are aware of the things they like and the things they don’t like. You can’t just push them around, it doesn’t work like that.

2. They don’t need a partner to ‘complete’ themselves.

These kinds of women don’t let themselves fall into the whole ‘my lover will make all my problems go away’ mindset that some people do. They know that being in love isn’t going to fix their lives and that they are going to have to complete themselves on their own. Sure, dating is fine, but they know at the end of the day happiness comes from within.

3. They are able to let go of the past.

Women who are able to accept their time alone don’t usually dwell too much on the past. They have learned to let go of the things that they cannot change and are stronger because of it. They don’t worry about the past because the past does not serve them in the current moment.

4. They have a deep sense of emotional intelligence.

Women who know their worth are usually very emotionally intelligent. They know how to feel things and then release those feelings appropriately rather than just bottling them all inside. Their feelings do not rule their lives and this is something we can all work to learn from them.

5. They find comfort in the smallest things.

These kinds of women are not the kind to overlook things. They love the small things and often stop to smell the roses. Life doesn’t get the best of them, they get the best of it.

6. They are really good friends.

Women who know their worth might be a bit hard to get to open up at first but once you’re close to them they are truly loyal and trustworthy. They are great friends who will always be there for you and they won’t abandon you when you need them the most. You can really count on them.

7. They do not let other people push them around.

Women like this are very willing to hold their own. They don’t let the people in their lives tell them what to do or who to be. They live their lives according to their own wants and needs above all else.

8. They appreciate the moment as it presents itself.

These kinds of women are able to appreciate things as they are rather than always seeing the worst of the situation or not being able to look on the bright side. You can always find something positive to appreciate, and they teach this lesson to all they meet. It’s like they radiate positivity in this sense.

9. They hold their own above all else.

These women are able to really get things done that others don’t even begin to try at. They accomplish so much in life and are capable of great things. The more they do the more they find that they want to do and this drives them big time.

10. They know when to cut ties with toxic people.

Women who know their worth don’t let toxic people hold space in their lives. They know their powers and cut ties when needed. If someone has bad intentions, out the door they go.

11. They know where they’re headed.

These kinds of women know what kind of life they want and where they need to move forth to achieve exactly that. The more that they try the further they get. Progress is something they see an awful lot of.

12. They remain confident in some of the most unexpected situations.

While it might seem like they are breaking down a bit, they aren’t. They hold their own in some of the most frustrating or uncomfortable situations. Even when things are tough, they are able to keep themselves together and get through the day as needed.