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Intelligence is something that can be measured in ways other than how much you know. It can be something completely different than we would assume.

Just because someone is great at one thing does not mean they will be able to do other things as well. This is just how life is. Some people are good at everything, I have actually come across several people like this in my life.

However, just because they are good at everything doesn’t mean they are intelligent. Intelligent people function on a much higher level than most and are easily spotted most of the time. Intelligent people often share these twelve traits. Are you extremely intelligent? Let’s find out!

1. They do not seek validation.

2. They do not judge others.

3. They are people of action, they use more than just words.

4. They in lots of cases rely on something called intuition.

5. They do not let their emotions run a muck.

6. They strive to be objective.

7. They know that everyone, including themselves, can be wrong sometimes.

8. They do not often worry about fitting in with the crowd.

9. They are always interested in benefiting the group.

10. They do not speak for the sake of speaking.

11. They always think things through.

12. They do not limit themselves to one way of thinking.

If you do these things, then it is likely you are extremely intelligent. You take everything into consideration before opening your mouth and are one of those people everyone goes to for help. You are much more productive than your peers.