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People with fiery personalities are just a bit too intense for the people of this world. They are often deemed as a threat and come off as intimidating to the people around them.

Someone with a fiery personality is not going to let anyone squash who they are. They are unapologetically authentic and no one can change that. If you are someone with a fiery personality, then the things in the list below are things others often find to be threatening. Sure, they know you’re not going to hurt them physically, but they feel you may be able to surpass them on most levels, and they want to eliminate that threat, this actually keeps you in the circle of drama whether you try to avoid it or not.

12 Things About Those With Fiery Personalities That Other People find Threatening:

1. You do not mind showing emotion.

Your emotions do not control you but they do definitely exist. No one can keep you from showing your true emotions. If you are sad, you will not pretend to be anything else.

2. You are extremely honest.

You are not going to lie to get your way. You are honest with everyone and many people can’t handle that. Honesty is a trait that is hard to find in most people these days.

3. You are not afraid to call others out.

You call out those who need to be called out. If someone tries to blame something on someone they will bring awareness to it. People do not like getting caught in their lies.

4. You own up to your own mistakes.

You are quick to own up to your mistakes and make things right. Your air is always clear. You are not one to hide anything from those around you.

5. You can read people with ease.

If someone is lying to you, you can tell. No one can really keep anything from you and it is nerve-wracking to some. Don’t let those people get you down, keeping them shaking in their boots is a good thing.

6. People love to be around you.

People find you to be quite interesting. While some consider you to be a threat others are drawn to you. Your aura is quite welcoming.

7. You can be quite intense.

Your personality is a little too intense sometimes. You love hard and care deeply. Most people find this to be somewhat suffocating.

8. You don’t wait for other people to do things for you.

You get things done on your own. When you are supposed to do something, you do it. You are more than capable of pulling your own weight. While other people try to avoid work you welcome it.

9. You are full of passion.

You are one of the most passionate people in your circle. You have a deep sense of hope and your dreams stretch further than most. Your burning passion is not something that will merely fade over time.

10. You like consistency.

You like things to be done as they are supposed to be. Change is not something you do well with in most cases, but in time you do learn to accept it. Stability is important to you.

11. You are not afraid to let your vulnerable side show.

Sometimes it is important to be vulnerable. People like to see this side of you. It makes your connections run a little deeper and brings about a sense of peace.

12. You are much stronger than most.

You are powerful and able to handle so much more than other people. You are a strong and independent individual. Nothing can hold you back.

If you are someone with a fiery personality, don’t let those sabotaging negative Nancy’s get in your way. You are destined for great things. Your life is going to mean so much more.