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Being raised by a toxic parent is something that in many ways will stay with you forever. If you have any doubts about that, I highly suggest you visit the Ask Reddit forum for “What is the most toxic thing a parent can say to a child,” which is a forum on Reddit where users express the most toxic things to their parents have said to them.

Words are powerful. They can heal, and on the unfortunate contrary, they can also leave deep wounds. If you have dealt with a toxic parent, then you already know how much words can impact you. And while unfortunately, you cannot take back what your parents said, you can take the power away from their words by understanding just how absurd and toxic they are.

With that being said, here are some of the comments I found on the Reddit threat by people who have endured severely toxic parenting. Also, please let us know, have your parents said anything like this, or what was the most toxic thing your parent ever said?

1. “You don’t have the right to privacy,” “You are a child, you have no rights,” “at least I’m putting a roof over your head,” “I wish I never had you.” – TennisOnWii

2. “I wish you’d commit su!cide.” -My dad – cracksoldier2

3. “I’m going to throw myself off a building, you all hate me anyway.” -Mister_J_Seinfeld

4. “When I was 11, I overheard my mother telling someone that my looks meant she didn’t have to worry about me being m*listed or r*ped. That f*picked me up for years.” -M_Ad

5. “I never wanted to have kids with your dad. He forced me to have you.” – But_like_whytho

6. “I’m tired of pretending to love you.” – RiddlingVenus0

7. “After I got accepted to my dream college, my mom told me I’m too stupid to go and succeed. I graduated high school with honors. But I thought she was right, and I dropped out before I even went. Still regret it.” – rad-butt

8. “My drunken father once told me, ‘You’ll never be the man that I am.’ I remember thinking, ‘You’re damn right I won’t be.”- p38-lightening

9. “When I was your age, I had a 21-inch waist.” -Blueeyedlilly

10. “It’s all in your head/you are just imagining it. As it turned out, I wasn’t imagining it, and now I struggle to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not because I was led to believe I was imagining things constantly.” -Missing_Maestos

11. “You’re being dramatic,” or “Quit being emotional,” “Why are you so difficult,” “You make things so hard on me,” “someone else has it worse, so stop crying.” -VividTangerine

12. “I think probably the most toxic thing a parent can say to a child is any form of, ‘Nobody will ever love you as much as I do,’ or ‘I’m the only one that loves you.’ It’s the psychological equivalent of a bear trap. Its purpose isn’t just to hurt the kid, but to keep them from ever leaving.” – S_thyrsoidea