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In life, we are always learning but some lessons we should do our best to learn quickly. While it might not sound like a lot, the paces at which we walk can change how we move forth. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things that it seems most of us end up learning later than we should have. These things would have helped us tremendously along our paths and yet we were seemingly oblivious to them for the longest time. While we know them now, they could have changed things in big ways.

12 Things We All Learn Far Later Than We Should:

1. Most things just aren’t as important as we think they are or as we make them out to be.

While we might make a lot of things out to be big deals, most of them are not. As time continues to pass we realize this more and more. Most things just don’t matter as much as we act as though they do.

2. Happiness is a lot of hard work.

Happiness does not happen overnight and it’s not easy. Achieving happiness takes a lot of work and is a struggle. It must be made within and is not something you find.

3. Fear is the root of all anger.

Behind all anger there is fear. Fear is the root cause of all anger. Fear drives us all to do things we otherwise would never do.

4. Nothing lasts forever.

In life and in love things are bound to end. Nothing lasts forever and change is inevitable. You cannot stop the end that is in store for you.

5. Those who prove they care matter more whether they’re blood or not.

Some of the people who are family will betray you and some of your closest friends will turn out to be toxic. Only those who prove they care should hold power over your heart. This world is full of people who do not deserve your time or effort.

6. Playing it safe leaves us with regret more often than not.

We all end up with regrets in the end but if you do nothing but play it safe you’ll end up with a lot of them. We should all be living our lives to the fullest. This means something different for everyone.

7. Time goes by very fast.

Time is not slow and moves quicker than most realize. Your entire life could be over with in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget to appreciate the moment before you.

8. It is possible to love what you do and do what you love within reason.

In life, it is possible to do what you love or to love what you do. You don’t have to remain at a job you hate. While it might not be your dream, finding a job you enjoy is a big help in growing within this world.

9. Life is not and will never be fair.

Life in itself is something that will never be fair. Good things happen to bad people sometimes and bad things happen to good people sometimes. There is nothing we can do about that.

10. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Just because you love someone does not mean you will end up with that person. Love is not always enough and sometimes we’re just not meant to be. You can want someone more than anything else in this world but that’s not going to make them stick around.

11. Everyone has their own motives for doing things and sometimes those motives are not good.

We all have our own motives and well, some people have motives that are quite dangerous. Not everyone is good in this world. There are bad people all around us and those bad people will take advantage of us if we let them. We must protect ourselves.

12. If you don’t take care of your body, you lose in the end no matter what.

Your body matters more than you realize. It is your vessel and without it, you would not be able to live here on this planet in this world with all of these other people. As we get older our health declines and we need to do our best to nip that as best we can.