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As we move through the last few weeks of December the reality that 2020 is just around the corner becomes more and more unavoidable. This decade has gone by so quickly and really seems to be over with just the blink of an eye.

Sure, heading into 2020 might seem quite scary and many of us are not ready to let go of the past year but there will be lots of positive things to stem from this imminent change. The new decade is going to help us grow and provide us with the means of continuing our journey in this world. Whether you’re excited or horrified, things will begin to make more sense soon. 

That being said, rather than spending all of your time right now reflecting on the past year of your life perhaps you should work on understanding some of the things you should be taking forth with you. Below you will find a list of thoughts that hold very important meanings for each of us. These are thoughts that we should always keep in mind, especially as 2020 approaches. 

12 Thoughts You Should Keep In Mind As 2020 Approaches:

1. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun.

Sure, we might live in a world that forces us to be quite serious most of the time but there is nothing wrong with having fun. Go out and enjoy yourself here and there. We don’t live forever and should be making the most of the time we have here on this planet with one another.

2. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes.

Literally no one on this planet is perfect. We all make mistakes, and we all screw up from time to time. The people you’re around might not always make their mistakes known but I assure you, they are making them. Things are not always what they seem.

3. Nothing happens overnight.

Progress takes time and while you might feel like you have not accomplished much, you have. Nothing is going to happen overnight but you are well on your way. Believe in yourself and keep working towards whatever you’re trying to achieve.

4. You cannot compare your path to anyone else’s.

We are all on our own paths in this world, and we are all going through different things. Just because it seems like someone else has more than you or has their life more together than you doesn’t mean that is true. Again, you cannot always see everything that you might hope to.

5. Your time is valuable, stop wasting it.

Quit allowing other people to waste your time. If someone keeps standing you up, quit making plans with them. This is your life, and we only get 24 hours in a day.

6. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life.

At the end of the day when all is said and done the only person by your side no matter what will be yourself. You need to have a good relationship with yourself. From here confidence can be built and will remain with you through the things this world throws your way.

7. What you’re doing means more than what you’ve done.

We all make mistakes and do bad things sometimes. This is part of being human. The things you have done do not define you. What you are doing and will do is the only thing that matters. If you cannot change it do not obsess over it, face the future and do good now.

8. You can do anything you put your mind to, period.

You are capable of anything you put your mind to in this world. You do not have to hold yourself back. If you want something go out and take it. You can follow your dreams if you’re willing to.

9. You don’t owe anything to anyone.

This world is full of people who will try to convince you that you owe them something. The truth is you don’t owe anyone anything but yourself. Keeping your own well-being in mind is crucial in this day and age.

10. This is your life to live.

This is your life and you should be the one living it. Don’t let other people push their goals and dreams onto you. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it.

11. Only bring with you those who truly support you.

As we move into 2020 cut people out of your life who hold you back. If they are bringing you down and not helping you grow they do not deserve a place in your life. We should all be properly supporting one another, period.

12. If you cannot control it, let go of it.

The past is the past and it cannot be changed. You have no control over the things that you once did or who you once were. Let go of those things and move on. Life is not made up of all the bad things but it can be improved through the good.