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The woman whose heart has been broken far too many times, and her trust smashed into shambles needs a love that is different from other women. And if you choose to be with a guarded woman, who is willing to put her trust in you, please take note of the following.

She doesn’t want your sympathy or your empty words. She needs you to show her that people are trustworthy and that love truly does exist. If you can’t show her that by doing the following, then don’t even bother.

She needs someone who will prove that she can be loved and give love. What she doesn’t need is someone who is just like the rest.

1. Action, not words.

She wants to see if you will make empty promises, or if your actions will match your words. Words won’t build her trust and empty promises will get you nowhere with her.

2. Beautiful personality, not beautiful things.

She doesn’t find value in riches, expensive car, or nice material things. Instead, she wants you to show her the beautiful aspects of your personality and your mind. She wants to know you have value, not your wallet.

3. She needs you to tread carefully as she doesn’t give second chances anymore.

Either you get it right, or she will get you out of her life. She understands you are human and that people make mistakes, but she won’t allow you to make her into a fool.

4. She wants to see that you can be vulnerable.

Don’t be afraid to show her your true self, and your vulnerability and weakness not the front of a macho man. She wants to see that you are real, and by doing that she will let you in.

5. She wants you to see that despite the things she has been through, she still has a heart of gold.

She has deep empathy for everyone and everything. Despite what has happened, she still has such a deep capacity to love, and she wants you to know that her heart is pure and that she can love with every single bit of it.

6. That she chooses you – she doesn’t need you.

She doesn’t need anyone. The things she has endured have made her realize that she can live without anyone, and she isn’t afraid to if need be. If she is with you, it’s because she wants to be.

7. You are going to have to earn her love.

And not by giving her meaningless gifts of materials or money. She simply wants to see that you love and respect her deeply. Show her you can be trusted, and she will give you herself mind, body and soul.

8. She needs your consistency.

If you only want to dabble with her, and put in all your efforts one day, to ghost her the next, then you aren’t the one for her. Consistency is what will show her that you are serious, and if you can’t be consistent, you aren’t the man for her.

9. She wants to see that you are serious.

She has been through so much and if she decides to try another relationship, she wants to know it’s the real deal. She doesn’t want you to pretend you are all in, only to break her heart. She wants to see you are in it for the long haul.

10. She doesn’t want to be controlled.

She needs to know you won’t control her or try to change her. She wants to see that she can be herself with you and that you aren’t going to make her feel bad about herself.

11. She needs your patience.

She is healing and during her healing period, she needs love, support and most important of all- she needs your patience. She wants to get close to you and to let her guard down, and eventually, she will- but she needs you to be patient.

12. She needs to see that she matters.

If she doesn’t believe she matters, she isn’t going to stay with you. She needs to see that she has value to you, and through earning her trust and making time for her- she will learn that she matters.