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Sometimes we end up holding ourselves back in life and it’s something we have to constantly work on. Letting go of toxic situations and moving on from negative mindsets will allow you to really get where you need to be in this life.

We all have things within our beings that need change. When it comes to making sure abundance is present in our lives we have to work hard for it to flow properly. We have to create the proper environment within our selves. Below I am going to go over some of the things we have to as human beings let go of if we want to be able to move forward. These are things that you might not think often about but are what one would call dead weight.

When we let go of these things and welcome the others we promote the positive things in our lives and cut ties with the negative. In doing this we are moving forward in ways most others never could. Through doing these things we are believing in ourselves and our abilities one hundred percent.

12 Things You Need To Do If You Want Abundance To Flow For You:

1. Get rid of self-loathing.

Stop hating yourself because you are a unique and important being in this world. You were placed here for a reason.

2. Get rid of negative thoughts.

Stop thinking negatively. Replace each and every negative thought for a positive one. Do not let your sad side get the best of you.

3. Get rid of any guilt.

Let go of any guilt you’ve been holding onto. You cannot change the past. The things you have done do not define you.

4. Move on from your fears.

Stop being so afraid! The more afraid you are the more held back you are. Moving on from your fears is overcoming them even when its hard to do so.

5. Find your power.

Find your inner power, and let it work for you. This will involve a lot of soul searching but in the end, you will uncover something amazing. While it might be unexpected, there is a power within you.

6. Stop settling in life.

Move forward and chase things you know need to be chased. Don’t settle for something less than what you deserve. Taking what you can get is a last resort, not a first response.

7. Cut toxic people out of your life.

Get rid of any and all toxic people in your life. Stop giving them power and letting them rule over you. This is your life and only you get to choose how it is lived.

8. Get rid of any clutter.

De-clutter your life and your being. If something needs a bit of rearranging do it. Stop wasting all of your time wondering if you need to move forward or not. Clutter only feeds chaos.

9. Get rid of your excuses and stop making them.

Stop making excuses and quit being so willing to dish them out. Own up for yourself and be in control. You are responsible for the things you say and the things you do.

10. Quit being so destructive towards yourself.

You only get one body don’t tear yourself down constantly. This is the life you were placed here to live and you need to live it to the fullest. Be there for yourself in the ways you wish other people would be.

11. Commit to your dreams.

Actually get out there and chase your dreams. Make everything you could have ever imagined happen. Don’t lock yourself away and waste your life stuck in the status quo.

12. Give yourself room to breathe.

Don’t tell yourself that taking a break is wrong, we all need breaks sometimes. Give yourself a moment to breathe, sometimes that moment makes all the difference in the world. It does much more than you might think.