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For the most part, psychopathy is a bit hard to notice, and this is because psychopaths are extremely good at what they do. Typically, when we think of a psychopath, we think of a heinous killer, however, not all psychopaths are serial killers.

Psychopaths are usually charming and interesting, and they are people that we enjoy being around. We could be in a functioning relationship with a psychopath and not even realize it. For more information on psychopathy please, click here.

Below you will find a list of things that should be considered red flags when trying to figure out if someone is a psychopath or not. If you are in a relationship with a psychopath or one is close to you in life, you need to better understand psychopathy in general and decide if getting out of the situation is what is best for you. Oftentimes the only real option is cutting ties, no matter how hard that truly may be.

12 Things Psychopaths Do That Reveals Their True Colors:

1. They do not really have real friends.

While they are often surrounded by people they don’t really care about them at all. These people are disposable, to say the least. While they will hang out with you, they won’t shed a (real) tear if you suddenly die or disappear from their life.

2. They are extremely charming.

They are some of the most charming people you will ever meet. They are the kinds of people who almost seem to light up a room with their presence. You will really like this person.

3. They feel no remorse.

When they do something wrong they never feel guilty about it. They never wish they hadn’t done something. Everything they do serves them, that don’t care if they have to hurt you in the process. No apology you get from a psychopath is ever sincere.

4. They like to take big risks.

Psychopaths are some of the biggest risk takers you will ever come across. This has been verified through many different studies and still holds value to this day. Psychopaths are more likely to engage in risky behavior for no reason at all.

5. They can be really arrogant.

They do not see anyone but themselves as important. They are the only person in this world that matters. The world in their mind literally revolves around them.

6. They often have extremely high self-esteem.

Their self-esteem is through the roof. No one can compare and they are better than every single other person on this planet. If you aren’t them, you are below them.

7. They lack empathy.

The psychopath lacks empathy for others. This person can hurt whoever he or she wants to without feeling anything at all. This is a bit scary considering how charming they are.

8. They are quite cunning.

They are skilled manipulators. They go to great lengths to get what they want to be done. You may not even realize that you are being used.

9. They usually fail to accept responsibility for their own actions.

It is extremely rare that the psychopath owns up to having done something wrong. If ever they do, know it is not genuine. They are never in the wrong.

10. They are somewhat impulsive.

They do what they want, when they want. They can range from super impulsive to a little impulsive but it is always noticeable. The psychopath will say and do whatever he or she wants without thinking of the consequences or even caring what they are.

11. They lack shame for the most part.

They never feel bad or shameful about the things they do. They do what they want and accomplish what they set out to do. If destroying your life is going to help them get where they need to be they will do it without shame.

12. They have shallow emotions in general.

They never get too excited or too nervous. All of their emotions are shallow. The psychopath, for the most part, is numb.

Image via Frederico Bebber