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In recent times, the term narcissist has become quite the buzzword, with people using the phrase to describe anyone that they perceive as toxic. And while not everyone is a narcissist, it could be said that the prevalence of these toxic individuals is most definitely on the rise.

If you have ever dealt with a narcissist, then you already know how damaging these individuals can be. Narcissists are individuals with narcissistic personality disorder, or a disorder characterized by a grandiose sense of self, a lack of empathy and completely dysfunctional social and interpersonal behaviors. Oftentimes, relationships with a narcissist come with devastating emotional, physical and verbal abuse.

If you are dating someone, or know someone that you fear may be a narcissist, look out for the following phrases and what they actually mean.

1. You’re too sensitive.

Translation: You called me on my BS, and now I need to make you seem like the problem, so you will doubt your own reality.

2. I’m sorry you feel that way.

Translation: I can do no wrong, so if you are upset, that’s because you misunderstood me.

3. You are my soulmate.

Translation: I need you to think we are soulmates, so when my true self comes out, you won’t leave me. I need an endless supply of love and admiration and if you think we are soulmates, maybe you will give me my supply.

4. Why do you take everything so seriously?

Translation: I just said something really hateful to you, and seriously meant it, but if you knew that, I couldn’t continue hurting you.

5. I’m the most honest person you know.

Translation: I am not honest at all, but I need you to think that, so you will buy all the lies I tell you.

6. You’re lucky to have someone like me.

Translation: Because I am the greatest person that ever existed and my feelings are far more important than yours. And if you don’t think you’re lucky, I’ll manipulate you and break you down until you believe me.

7. All my exes are crazy.

Translation: All my exes realized me for who I was, so now I tell others they are crazy to discredit them. If you call me out on my bull, I’ll discredit you, too.

8. It’s not all about you.

Translation: It’s always all about me. If you say otherwise, I’ll make you feel bad about it. And make you feel selfish.

9. No wonder no one likes you.

Translation: If you think no one wants or likes you, you will feel unworthy and isolated. And then, I can do whatever I want.

10. ______ hates you, but I always defend you.

Translation: You need me, and no one else loves you like I do. I want you isolated and alone.

11. Everyone else abandons me, so you can’t leave me.

Translation: Feel bad for me, so when I abuse you, you will still put up with me and feel sorry for me.

12. If I am so bad, why do you stay?

Translation: There must be something wrong with you, for putting up with me.