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Our world seems to be increasingly obsessed with money. And while I try to understand this mindset- I have a hard time grasping it.

Yes, money is necessary for survival in the modern world. And yes, money will help you buy things that can bring you joy at the moment. But, the best things in life don’t cost a cent and cannot be purchased with money. To take my point a step further, you aren’t going to take anything you buy with you to your grave. I mean, I guess you can be buried in diamonds and gold, but it isn’t coming with you to the other side.

It’s interesting, because when we are younger, we may ask ourselves “What’s the big fuss about? It’s just money.” However, as we move into adulthood, this shifts for us, and we start to realize the importance of money. The trouble at that point is finding a balance and not letting money control us.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying money is evil. But- I still stand by my point that there are plenty of important things that not only bring us joy, but also fulfillment that doesn’t cost a dime.

1. True wisdom.

True wisdom isn’t purchased at a store, it is learned through life experiences. You could spend every dime you had on every book at the book store, and you wouldn’t be any smarter. Money doesn’t equate to wisdom and it’s important to understand that.

2. Love.

YOU CANNOT BUY REAL LOVE. If someone can be bought, they don’t love you, they love your money. Genuine love comes from the heart and you don’t have to ask for it or bribe someone to give it to you.

3. Integrity.

Integrity is our ability to do the right thing no matter who is around us. It is standing by your morals authentically and without waver. You cannot purchase integrity. Either you have it or you don’t.

4. Manners

You can be rich all day long – and if you are rude, that money won’t do much for you. Treating others with respect and dignity is something that cannot be bought. And honestly, some people only become ruder with each dollar they make.

5. Real friends.

A real friend is someone who accepts you, understands you, loves you, and supports you. This is not something that can be bought, so having a lot of money doesn’t mean you will have real friends. You could purchase some fake friends- but real friends are priceless.

6. Morals.

Having a sense of moral purpose is key not only to living a good life but also to be good to others. Without morality, we are lost. And you cannot buy morals. Similar to manners, it seems to be the opposite effect, and the more money some peop[le make, the fewer morals they seem to have.

7. Peace.

Peace is a state of mind, rather than a physical good. Peace is something that we cultivate and find from within. Throughout our lives, we tell ourselves that when we have more money we will finally be at peace. But if that was the case, everyone who had money would be peaceful and tranquil all the time. And they aren’t.

8. Empathy.

You cannot purchase the ability to feel for others and to have compassion. Being able to understand where someone is coming from emotionally is something you are either capable of or not. No amount of money can change this.

9. Health.

You cannot buy good health. Health requires you to put in the effort, time, and attention to your well-being. And if you waste your health- money will not reverse the damage.

10. Time.

You will only have so much time in your life, and at any given moment, it could all be over. Each moment you get is a gift to cherish. And once it’s over, it’s over. You cannot add time like a prepaid phone.

11. Happiness

True happiness comes from many of the things on this list, but never from money. I promise you, if money bought you happiness, there wouldn’t be so many miserable celebrities. Oftentimes, once they have bought everything they ever wanted and they realize they still aren’t happy, the realization pushes them even further away from true happiness.

12. Purpose

Our purpose is our sense of true worth, not financial worth. It’s what you were put on the planet to do. Without purpose, our lives may seem meaningless. And many people lean on their financial wealth to find meaning. Unfortunately, that is a recipe for disaster. The true purpose is from within.