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It’s normal to be insecure about some things, but you shouldn’t forget that sometimes the things we’re most insecure about are our partner’s favorite things about us. I know, that might sound cheesy, but it’s very true and worth noting.

Society puts a lot of pressure on women as a whole. They are told that if they are too big or too small they’re unattractive, and well, that’s not the case in the eyes of the man who loves you the most. You might be insecure about your toes, your smile, or something else, but he thinks that those things make you who you are, and they are truly beautiful to him.

Below, I am going to go over some of the things you might not realize he loves about you. I’m sure he’s told you before, but you didn’t let it sink in properly, did you? Just because you’re different does not mean you’re ugly. Beautiful comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes.

12 Things Your Man Loves About Your Body That You Might Be Insecure About:

1. Your love handles

Love handles aren’t anything but a little extra cushion. They’re nothing to be concerned about and most men find them to be quite appealing. He isn’t going to be upset over your curves.

2. Your cellulite

Cellulite is normal and most people have it. You don’t have to be embarrassed by it. He thinks it gives you character.

3. Your stretch marks

Sure, your stretch marks might make you a bit self-conscious but he thinks they’re beautiful. He doesn’t care of you have tons of them or just a few, to him, they make you more ‘you.’

4. Your rear end

Your butt isn’t too big or too small in his eyes. It is perfect and he is appreciative of it being in his life. You might not see it but he’s always got his eyes on you.

5. Your thighs

Your thighs are something he truly finds appealing. Whether they hold a bit more cushion than others or not doesn’t matter. The fact that they’re attached to you makes them perfect.

6. Your smile and your teeth

Just because some of your teeth might be a little crooked doesn’t bother him. He loves your smile. Those teeth bring a sense of warmth to his heart and they’re honestly nowhere near as ‘messed up’ as you like to say they are.

7. Your fresh face

Sure, you might not like the way you look without makeup on, but he doesn’t mind. He thinks you’re pretty with and without it. There is nothing wrong with sitting around the house bare-faced.

8. Your hands

He loves your hands for a number of reasons. They fit perfectly into his, and they reassure him in troubled times. The hands you have are the only ones that know how to bring him back to reality when he’s losing it.

9. Your freckles or birthmarks

Men love freckles and birthmarks more than you might realize. While they don’t usually come out and say it, they think these things are super cute. The more, the merrier.

10. Your feet

While not all men will admit it, nice feet can drive them wild. He doesn’t think your feet are too big or too small, so don’t be so insecure. He likes your feet just fine.

11. Your lips

Your lips are something that lights up his world. He loves to kiss you and to feel your lips touching his own. Sure, you might think they’re too thin or too big, but to him, they’re something he calls home.

12. Your hair

He loves your hair and all you do with it. Whether you’re wearing it up or down doesn’t really matter. There is just something about it that drives him wild.

If he doesn’t love all of these things about you, then he doesn’t love you and you’re not with the right person. There is someone out there who does love all of these things about you and more. The guy who should be in your life will make sure you know how much he enjoys the way you look, flaws included.

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