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Confident people believe in themselves and know what they are capable of achieving. They understand that if they don’t have faith in themselves, that no one else will either.

Because confident people know their worth and have faith in themselves, they carry themselves differently. They have a certain way about them that magnetizes others, and for good reason, people tend to flock towards people they want to be like. And I don’t know about you, but feeling confident is a good feeling- there’s no surprise that most of us want to feel that way too.

And while being more confident is easier said than done, it’s achievable for anyone. It all ties into our habits and how we carry ourselves and regard ourselves. There are certain things confident people don’t do, and if you want to emulate more confidence in your life, you shouldn’t either.

1. They aren’t afraid of being uncomfortable.

A highly-confident person knows that sometimes, being uncomfortable is necessary to grow. They aren’t afraid of reaching out of their comfort zone, because they believe in their ability to handle it and to benefit from growth.

2. They don’t procrastinate.

When something needs to be done, a confident person will take charge and handle it. They don’t wait around for hours, worrying incessantly about the task- they get it done as fast as possible, so they can get it off their chest.

3. They don’t settle.

A confident person will not settle for less than they deserve. They are confident in themselves and set their expectations accordingly.

4. They don’t beg for attention.

You won’t see a confident person begging for attention. They don’t do attention-seeking things, because they don’t thrive off the attention of others.

5. They don’t obsess about the opinions of others.

If you think badly of them, a confident person is not going to take your words at face value. They understand that everyone is going to have a different opinion, and that’s okay. They know themselves and have a strong enough sense of self to not let it get to them when someone disagrees.

6. They don’t judge others.

A confident person doesn’t judge others. They know that everyone is on a different journey, and they accept that. They don’t have to put others down or judge others to feel good about themselves.

7. They don’t get defensive of constructive criticism.

When met with constructive criticism, a confident person will take the advice to heart and use it to improve. They understand that they are not perfect and that there is always room for improvement.

8. They don’t try to please everyone.

A confident person is not going to go out of their way to people-please. They don’t mind helping others, but they won’t do so for the approval of others.

9. They don’t assume they have all the answers.

A confident person understands that they don’t know everything or have all the answers. They are open to the fact that at times, they may need answers from someone else, and they are okay with that because they believe in themselves regardless.

10. They don’t play the victim.

A confident person will not play the victim. Instead, when something goes wrong in their life, they will accept responsibility and find a way to move forward.

11. They don’t lie to themselves.

Confident people don’t sit around lying to themselves all the time. They know who they are, flaws included. There is no need to lie to themselves because their truth keeps them grounded.

12. They don’t ask for permission to act.

If action is necessary, or something needs to be done- a confident person isn’t going to ask for permission. They will take charge and handle what needs to be handled, without hesitating or worrying that someone may not approve.