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Highly-sensitive people are people who feel things very deeply and interpret the world much differently than most. They can pick up on the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of those around them very intensely, and at times, it can be jarring.

Because of that, highly-sensitive people have different needs than most people. If you are a highly-sensitive person, know that you are not alone around 1-20% of the population are considered to be highly sensitive, according to Dr. Elaine N. Aron, the author of ‘The Highly Sensitive Person.’

Unfortunately, not all people who are highly sensitive realize what they are and in turn, they may not understand their deepest needs. Here are 12 things all highly sensitive people need to feel happy.

1. Time alone to regroup.

Highly sensitive people are easily overstimulated, and because of that, they need time alone to regroup. After going to a social event, or a busy location, they may feel completely fried. So, taking time to regroup is a must.

2. Meaningful relationships.

Highly sensitive people don’t need someone who comes in and out of their life. Instead, they need real connections and people that love and understand them.

3. Understanding.

More than anything, a highly sensitive person needs someone who can understand them and realize when they need time or space, or a big hug. When they are surrounded by people who are insensitive or not understanding, it can make life very difficult for them.

4. Compromise.

Highly sensitive people are sensitive to conflict, so being around people who can compromise with them and help them manage conflict is a must. At the very least, having a plan for action in preparation for conflict can be very beneficial as well.

5. Lots of rest.

And perhaps one of their most important needs is good to rest. Being highly sensitive can wear you down, leaving you bogged down and frazzled. Making sure to get plenty of rest can counteract overstimulation that is unavoidable.

6. Routines.

Routines are very beneficial to highly sensitive people because consistency provides the ability to feel safe and secure as much as possible. That way, when situations arise out of our control, we can manage them much easier.

7. A slower-paced life.

Some people thrive off of living in the fast lane. But not a highly sensitive person. A highly sensitive person needs a slower-paced life, which allows them to live more comfortably and happily.

8. Time to wind down after a busy day.

After a busy workday, many people want to go out and do things, filling all of their time with plans. However, this isn’t wise for someone highly sensitive, who needs time to wind down.

9. A good cry from time to time.

From time to time, a good cry can be beneficial to anyone, it’s far more important for a highly sensitive person. Because highly sensitive people pick up emotions and energy from everyone, it can be overwhelming. Crying helps to alleviate the overwhelm.

10. A cozy and comfortable space.

And when it’s time to unwind, the highly-sensitive person needs a cozy and quiet space to retreat to. If you are highly sensitive, give yourself at least a nice room to retreat to, with blankets, candles, and low lighting.

11. Time to adjust to change.

When major changes arise, a highly sensitive person needs to ease into it. Otherwise, all chaos can ensue. Even slight changes can throw a highly sensitive person off balance.

12. Their own space.

Above all, highly-sensitive people need their own space. They need time away from others, even when they are married or living with others. So, if you live with someone highly sensitive, and they tell you they need space, allow it.