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While it might sound odd and all empathic people are different, they do tend to experience a lot of the same things. Empathic people are people who care more for others and can feel their emotions deeply.

Whether you want to refer to empathic people as empaths or not is entirely up to you but if you are one, you know how intense the things you feel are and how confusing these things can be. A lot of the time you struggle to figure out if what you’re feeling is your emotion or someone else’s. That being said, you are not alone, below I am going to go over some of the things all empathic people experience.

12 Things All Empathic People Have In Common:

1. You need time to yourself so that you can recharge.

As an empathic person, you need to spend a lot of time alone. You use this time to recharge. Being around other people all the time is not something you can handle.

2. Romantic relationships are extremely hard to keep up.

Relationships are exhausting for you. You never know what to feel or if the things you’re going through are bothering the other person you’re with. You come to a lot of issues because of the feelings you’re working through that perhaps do not even belong to you.

3. You can pick up on other people’s intentions.

As an empath, you tend to pick up on the intentions of others right away. When someone is lying, you can tell. You know what someone is thinking within reason depending on the vibe they’re giving off. Sure, they might be smiling but if they have bad intentions, you know.

4. A lot of people try their hardest to use you.

Sure, it might not always seem easy to spot but a lot of people target you because of how empathic you are. They want to use you for their own gain. They know you will go above and beyond for the people around you.

5. Your intuition never steers you wrong.

When it comes to your intuition, things are never more clear. When your gut gives you a feeling, you listen to it. You know that your gut would never steer you wrong.

6. You literally absorb the emotions of others.

As empathic people do, you absorb the emotions of others. You take them on as if they were your own and it can be exhausting. This leaves you needing time alone so you can recharge and meditate over the things you’re feeling.

7. You do not do well in crowded places.

Because you can feel energies and pick up on so much, crowded places are a serious no-go for you. You tend to be quite overwhelmed when surrounded by other people. There is just too much coming at you all at once.

8. People often come to you for advice.

As an empath, it seems like you’re always giving out advice. People come to you because you can see the bigger picture. You do not judge those who come to you and they know they can always count on you.

9. ‘Not caring’ is impossible for you.

You are a kind person who does all you can for those you love. You care so deeply and well, this isn’t something you can just turn off. It doesn’t work that way and it never will.

10. Even those you do not know open up to you quickly.

Oftentimes you find that strangers love to come pour their hearts out to you. This is because your aura is so warm. You are quite inviting even when you’re in a hurry. This is something that you both love and hate about being an empathic person.

11. You always feel the need to help others.

As an empathic person, you are always doing everything you can for those in need. You are the kind of person who helps no matter what. When someone needs you, you are there.

12. Sad situations stick with you much longer than they do others and personal healing is not easy for you in any sense of the word.

When something bad happens or you see something sad, it sticks with you. You struggle to let go of things like this, and they hurt you on a level they might not other people. Personal healing is not something you’re that great at.