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While it might seem like those emotionally intelligent people are ‘one of a kind’ the more time they spend around each other the more they find they have in common. Emotionally intelligent people really stand out but when they’re by one another’s side they seem quite grouped together.

Whether you’re highly emotionally intelligent or just a little inclined in that direction, you will be able to resonate with others who are on the same level. For anyone who might not be aware, emotional intelligence is something that many people are lacking within reason. It is the ability to control and be aware of your emotions. Through being emotionally intelligent you are able to handle any issue that comes up in a proper non-biased manner.

Below I am going to go over some of the things most emotionally intelligent people can agree they all seem to do/be. How many of these fit you and are you emotionally intelligent? Managing your own emotions is a lot more important than you might realize.

12 Things All Emotionally Intelligent Individuals Have In Common:

1. Emotionally intelligent people are able to see themselves from the eyes of those around them.

These kinds of people are not as close-minded as most. They are able to remove themselves from the mix and look at situations from perspectives most people are incapable of. They see things that no one else ever even thinks about.

2. Emotionally intelligent people are usually closed off.

While they do love their friends and families they tend to close themselves off in a lot of ways. This is because they want to limit the outside influence coming in. EI people, for the most part, are usually quite introverted.

3. Emotionally intelligent people are a great judge of character.

EI people are usually quite good at picking out whether or not someone should be kept around. They can tell who has good intentions and who doesn’t quite easily. You would be very surprised if their thoughts were spoken out loud.

4. Emotionally intelligent people are empathic people.

Emotionally intelligent people are much more willing to help others. They can sense when someone is down and are always giving more to those in need than they probably should. They are in many cases self-less in every sense of the word.

5. Emotionally intelligent people know their own weaknesses as well as they do their strengths.

These kinds of people are aware that they are not perfect, and they know what they’re good at or not good at. You shouldn’t ever have to call them out on something in regards, they’re quick to do it themselves. Are you familiar with your own personal ups and downs?

6. Emotionally intelligent people know how to let go.

Emotionally intelligent people are often much more willing to forgive and forget. This holds true because they seem to get much more attached to the people around them all the while knowing how things will play out in the end. This can be both devastating and truly helpful with healing. You just have to trust the process.

7. Emotionally intelligent people know perfection does not exist.

EI people are well aware that perfect is not something anyone on this planet is able to obtain. While chasing your dreams and working to become your highest form is important you should also know that you aren’t going to magically become someone you’re currently not. Everything in this life takes time.

8. Emotionally intelligent people do not offend easily.

These kinds of people do not let anyone pick at them or get under their skin. You could say something rude to them, and they would for the most part shrug it off within reason. It takes a lot to get them going in a negative direction.

9. Emotionally intelligent people tend to be quite curious and ready for adventure.

EI people are usually willing to go out and do more than most other people. They love making memories and find themselves in some of the most peculiar situations. Everything makes for a great story once all is said and done.

10. Emotionally intelligent people know their worth.

Emotionally intelligent people know how important their lives are whether they seem important or not. They know that they deserve to be happy, healthy, and cared for above all else. They will not compromise themselves for anyone.

11. Emotionally intelligent people are very passionate and often quite optimistic.

These kinds of people are always looking at the glass as ‘half full’ instead of ‘half empty.’ They dive into things head first and do not hold back. They tend to live life by doing everything they could imagine ‘at least once.’

12. Emotionally intelligent people want to do and be the best they possibly can and want to help others accomplish the same.

These kinds of people are able to really focus on their goals and get things done. They see themselves as a work in progress and are always achieving new things. They go out of their way to get where they want and need to be as well as to help others manage to also do this.