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A lot of men come into our lives trying to sweep us off of our feet but not all of them have good intentions. Some of them are only trying to get close to us so that they can use us and well, we all need to be aware of that. 

There are some good men out there and sometimes the men in our lives do actually love us but when it comes to those who do not, knowing the signs is important. Men who love you won’t go out of their way to bring you down. They will try their best to boost you up and be there for you in your worst moments. 

Below you will find a list of things men who don’t love you will do. If a man in your life is doing these things all the while claiming he cares for you, don’t believe his lies. If he cared for you, he’d be showing it properly.

12 Things Men Do When They Don’t Actually Love You:

1. They constantly complain about the things you do/are doing.

When someone cares for you, they will not complain all the time. They will accept the best you’ve done or can do as what it is. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal in the beginning but this kind of thing piles up big time.

2. They refuse to accept your past.

Someone who truly loves you will accept you as you are. They will not make you feel bad because of your past. Your past is a part of you and the person who loves you truly will accept that entirely.

3. They don’t bother trying to communicate properly.

Men who care for us will take the time to sit down and talk issues out. Those who do not will simply glide over topics and move on without resolving them. This is because there is a serious lack of respect within the connection they provide.

4. They always ask of you but refuse to give in return.

When a guy truly cares about you or anyone cares about you for that matter, they will be willing to give and take. They won’t just constantly take from you and leave you with nothing. They will be making an effort to even things out.

5. They make rude remarks about your appearance.

Those who truly care about you will not belittle you or make you feel bad about things you cannot change. They will not feed into your insecurities like these toxic men will. They will appreciate you for all that you are, this including your flaws.

6. They only seem interested in pleasing you when competition is present.

When the guys who only ‘love’ you because other people want you come into play you should be running for the hills. They are only kind and caring when other people are around, and they’re overly toxic in every way. To them, you’re just a toy to be played with.

7. They don’t bother introducing you to their friends or family.

If they love you they will make the time to allow you to get to know the people who are most important to them. They won’t keep you hidden from their friends and family. They will want you to get to know them properly.

8. They don’t want to talk about the future.

While it might be a hard topic for most, those who want to truly be with you will discuss the future. They want to plan things out and see where this love takes the two of you. Those who aren’t interested in this likely don’t even see a future with you around but don’t want to tell you that.

9. They’re constantly making you prove yourself to them.

Men who care about you won’t make you feel like you’re not enough. They won’t ask you to prove your love for them or do things that you’re not comfortable with. When you’re stuck with someone who doesn’t care for you, you’re really pushed to the max in this area.

10. They leave you feeling like you’re walking on eggshells when they’re around.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you, everything you do feels wrong. You will be walking on eggshells around them because you don’t want to upset them. It’s like you’re sacrificing your peace of mind which you should never do.

11. They don’t respect you or your boundaries.

We all have boundaries and those who actually care about us know not to cross those. This is out of respect and love. Those who do not give a crap about you will always push you into doing things you otherwise would never do.

12. They turn every issue into something that’s your fault even if it isn’t.

When you’re with someone who doesn’t love you ever small thing turns into something big. They are always picking at you and even the things you cannot control become your fault. Don’t let this happen in your life. You deserve better.

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