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Do you remember when you were a kid, and you realized boys were well… boys? Things were so simple then, with cute little notes, and asking each other out on dances – now we live in the adult world of uncertainty and to be honest, it’s confusing.

So how do you tell if he is into you? There are a few signs, so if you are finding him hard to read, check these out.

Watch how he moves.

If he smiles at you, stares at your face, leans into conversations, and keeping his body aimed at yours – he probably is into you.

Watch how he responds to you.

When you try to hold hands, or caress his shoulder, is he receptive to that? If he is interested, he will try to find reasons to touch you any time he can.

Does he engage In play with you?

If a dude playfully wrestles with you, or play punches you, he is usually interested. If you don’t like that, then playfully tell him to cut it out and smile.

Does he act strange?

Men begin to act weird when they are around someone they are attracted to. They may get anxiety and stutter a bit, or even sweat.

He compliments you.

He doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell you how beautiful you are, or even to compliment your hard work. If he notices what you accomplish, then he is into you.

He raises his eyebrows at you.

When a man raises his eyebrows, he is totally into you. Eyebrow raising (for the most part) signals an interest in something.

He remembers everything you say.

If he hangs onto your every word enough to be able to quote you – he cares.

He makes sure to see you.

No matter what the circumstances are, he takes time away from it all for you. If a man or person for that matter, makes time for you, they care.

He acts differently around you.

If a man likes you, he will try to impress you, by showing off or acting a certain way. It doesn’t mean he’s fake, it means he is trying.

He keeps his hands in his pockets.

While you talk, even across the room, if a man turns his body toward you and places his hands in his pocket – he’s into you.

You share common interests.

If he is interested in something, he will try to get you to like it to. Whether it’s a movie, a hobbit, whatever, if he wants you to like something, it’s a big sign.

He lowers his voice.

Instinctively, men lower their voice around women they are attracted to. I’m assuming it’s because it’s manlier.